Pocket-Tactics: Dungeon Delvers (Second Edition)

by dutchmogul Mar 12, 2013
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Anyone else having problems with the "Download All" zip file? It makes an "untitled.zip" with only one file in it.

Can you always post the full pieces too? I would like to attempt to print pieces with possible added support before I would glue two halves together. Great work on these as usual!

Hey, absolutely. I've been trying to remember to do so, and I totally had these guys sitting around like this on TinkerCAD the whole time :-P I'll try and be better about posting full models in the future... so envious of ye who can print with supports!!

Hmm can you put the tile pieces on an edge and then fill the build plate up with more at one time? I wonder what the print time increase would be. But you might be able to do like 10-15 at once.

Oh, I bet you could. I'll try some other configurations when I get time, but feel free to jump into TinkerCAD and copy the pieces if you want to rearrange them.

Very cool collection!

Thank you! Yeah, this is a pretty classic line-up. I just had to do it ;-)