Prusa i3 Rework capazitive/inductive Z-Probe Holder

by TheZippyMan Dec 27, 2014
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Hey did you get your depth sensor to work??

I am having a problem with mine and i cant seem to get it to work. i have a prusa i3 10" and when i auto home the x and y go home and then it centers itself in the middle of the bed, but only goes down like 5 mm and stop when its a long ways away from the bed. so i un plug the z endstop to see if it would do the same thing and it does.. like the code is telling it to only go down that far. do you have any idea what the heck maybe going wrong?

Can you type a M119 in the console and then note the values, trigger the sensor with something and do an M119 again?

where did you buy the captor please?

I bought it from amazon. You can buy one on ebay or different places, just watch out that you have the right diameter. :)

Ok thanks I found the problem in this setting #define Z_RAISE_BEFORE_HOMING 4 on the guidance of Tom's of autobed level sensor of said set number 1 instead of 4, but by setting the value 1 axis to home goes too fast, then just set 3 or 4 .... thank you for your help.

Hello I wanted to ask a TheZippyMan information, I have bought a capacitive probe NPN and I've connected 5v where was installed hendstop, now works for the only problem is when I click and I sent the home side as a bullet, I know the h as your setup is and if possible to decrease the speed of the home? thanks greetings Massimiliano.

I don't understand your point. Do you want to increase the homing speed of the Z axis? If you want to increase the homing speed of the Z axis there is a point in the configuration.h called //Movement settings. 2 lines under this you find a #definehoming_feedrate. The setting for the Z axis is the third one. I wouldn't increase this numer too much, because then the Z axis can loose steps...
I hope I cleared your questions.

Hi, with thé inductive sensor are you probing thé pcb heating plate or did you replace the glass plate by a Steel or alu plate?

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I am using a capazitive probe. That means, this probe senses all materials (wood, glass, metals and even water!). With an inductive probe you can only probe a metal surface and not the PCB heated bed. I hope I understand my point.

Thanks a lot ... Can you tell me where you but this sensor ?

You can buy expensive ones in electronic stores (I don't know where you live so I can't recommend you a specific shot) or simply buy them from amazon or eBay. Watch out that you buy an NPN one, so you can connect it directly to your controller board. But watch out that you buy a probe with 17mm outer diameter.

Thanks budy... ;-)

No problem! Simply contact me if you need help.

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