Polygonal hole test

by nophead Feb 5, 2011
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Unfortunately your holes are printed much too small on my Anet A8 :(

My sizes are:

9.9mm - 9.4mm - 8.86mm - 8.3mm

instead of

10.5mm - 10mm - 9,5mm - 9mm

:( The outer dimensions seem to be okay. 99.90mm in length and 27.00 in width.

After days of trying calibration steps, this file and your article fixed my problem!

Everything from 1mm and up worked for me with default Sfact (a version of skeinforge) stretch settings. My .5mm hole was completely filled in, but 1mm, 1.5mm, ... 10mm fit great. The fit wasn't snug, but was good enough that the next higher bit (.5mm higher) wouldn't fit, and the correct sized one would.

I would love to see this well-integrated into openScad, perhaps as a global switch to the cylinder() function.

Thanks, nophead!

If you'd like to license this as "LGPL 2.1 or later", I could include this in MCAD.

MCAD maintainer here.

As I understand it the CC licence that it has at the moment allows you to include it in MCAD as long you attribute it to "nophead".

As far as I am concerned anybody can do whatever they want with it as it is just a trivial bit of applied maths and openscad, not something that merits copyright or attribution.

Great idea; I tried one with english sizes. The middle sizes all worked fine, but the smallest (1/16") and the large ones (
gt;1/4") both came out significantly too small to fit. One other didn't work, but it seemed the hole just wasn't round, so I doubt that's the fault of your script.

Have you considered submitting this module to the MCAD library?