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Proton Pack Thrower Acrylic Tube Interface - Parametric

by tgoacher Dec 29, 2014
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I'm not sure what the numbers are here.
If you are using the 1" pipe as the thrower tube.
1.049 is the internal diameter of the pipe? What is the outer diameter?
1/2" acrylic outer diameter seems small. Is this right?

So I borrowed some calipers and have determined those measurements are relatively accurate.
Thrower tube OD-1.32 ID- 1.03
acrylic tub OD- .88
all measurements in inches
if its at all possible for you to create that build file I would greatly appreciate it.
i'm using the dremel printer if that is information you would need

brother you are the best!

1" pvc is what fits exactly in the whole for the handle and the thrower tube when I printed out your wand body. i'm sorry if i'm being a pain with all the questions. I really appreciate all of your help and everything you've done for the gb community putting these files on here for us for free.

I'm using one inch, schedule 40 pvc for the thrower tube, when I googled the inner diameter of that size of pipe it pulled up the number I had listed before, 1.049, didn't think about the outer diameter of the thrower tube, my bad. 1.315 is the listed outer diameter of 1" sch 40 pvc
the 1/2" measurement is the trade size. the outer diameter is .84 inches which google converted to 21.336mm

is there any way of making a thing file for this like your other pieces? i'd really like to be able to have it but for some reason I can't open this one

The file needs to be used with the free program OpenScad: http://www.openscad.org/downloads.html

Open the .SCAD file above.

In the editor pane on the left side, set the outerDiameter and internalDiameter parameters to match your thrower tube, and acrylicDiameter to match the outer diameter of the acrylic tube you are using. So
if the outside diameter of the thrower tube is 35mm set the outerDiameter thus:
outerDiameter = 35.0.

Press F6 to force openScad to render the file.

To save the design as an STL File->Export->Export as STL. You may need to rotate the STL model in the package of your choice afterwards.

Or, just send me the outer diameter and internal diameter of the thrower tube, and the outer diameter of the acrylic tube and I will do it for you.

i'm using the standard sch 40 1" pvc for the thrower tube, and the acrylic tube looks almost identical to sch 40 1/2" pvc. Are those the measurements that already appear in the openscad window when I loaded the file?

the I.D. of the 1" should be 1.049 inches and the O.D. of the 1/2" should be .84 inches according to google lol
which translates to 26.6446mm and 21.336mm again, according to google
I don't have a micrometer and my eyes wouldn't read anything that precise on a tape lol

if you wouldn't mind imputing it so I don't mess this up that would be fantastic, but if you're busy that's also understandable