Ghostbusters Ecto Goggles

by crydrk Dec 31, 2014
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Sizes are weird.
I scaled the main parts 1000% but the knobs, which I didn't scale are huge. Not 10x the size, just huge.

Hm, sorry about that. While I don't have an answer for you, my guess is that it might be an inches vs centimeters issue. If those nobs are currently 100%, scale them down to 25.4% (ratio between inches and centimeters)

I should get around to converting all these to .stl anyway, I'll keep this in mind when I do so.

What kind of filament did you use to print this?

How did you attach the headband?

I used some kind of nylon belt material that had a buckle on it. I only did a headband around the sides, not one going above the head like it does in the movie.

Are these at 100% scale? As when I import the .obj into blender, the main body comes up at about 10mm x 7mm x 15mm.... Which is a tad on the teeny weeny side...

You will need to scale to %1000, 10x larger.

how the hell do I order this and scale it up? it automatically selects a tiny size and leaves me no way to scale it at all

Thanks for your work i printed one they turned out great

Thanks! I'd love to see it if you don't mind uploading pics using the 'I Made One' feature.

i scale the knobs up to 10x but they wont slice or they slice and look horrible. How can i get them right?

There it is. On the ceiling!

This looks amazing! Would it be possible to get the files in .stl format ?

Unfortunately I'm pretty busy - not sure when I can get around to it. But for the purposes of Makerware, would the obj files not work the same way as a .stl?

Sadly I would need .stl .slc or .objdf ... or I can convert from .stp or .igs myself.

It would be awesome to get .stl files if you have them. These look great.

Are you thinking of making the GB1 version as well?

And I'd love to see a 3D printable gigameter

Sorry, I don't plan to make any more. This project was just a one-off to make the goggles and decided to throw it up here. But the obj files are included so it should be very easy to modify those to be gb1 with most 3d programs.