Hershey Fonts in SVG

by schmarty Feb 6, 2011
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Any chance you could share the source code for this? I am attempting to write a procedural pipeline for hershey font rendering and I've come across two ports of .jhf to other weird formats... many thanks! :)

Hey vaporstack,

Unfortunately I don't know where that code wound up.

From what I recall it was a pretty direct translation from the Hershey .jhf format to SVG paths because they use a similar move/stroke model.

I think I was able to follow the rendering instructions as described on the link in the description of this thing.

Ah well, thanks anyway!

I'm wanting to get into designing for 3D printers so I can make jewelry with math and physics equations to satisfy my nerd girl needs, and I am forever in your debt for this! Ahhhhh making the Maxwell's equations bangle of my dreams just got way less intimidating! I was thinking I was gonna have to try and build a math font of my own. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

man this is very, very cool...

Thank you for the "fonts". I understand that these are not actual fonts that I can use with the keyboard, rather these are illustrations of the fonts that can be copied and placed in the canvas as needed. If I am correct, is there a way to create real fonts that can be typed on the keyboard that have a single stroke?


Hi Shab,

You are correct, these are made for copy-and-pasting. It would be feasible to make an Inkscape plugin that works in two parts. First, an ASCII mapping that lets you enter text for which it will generate the glyphs. Second, an old Windows-style character map that lets you select the characters tha
t are not mapped to keys on a keyboard.

I might take a crack at it in the future, but feel free to make it first!

Hi Shmarty,

"I might take a crack at it in the future, but feel free to make it first!" I am afraid I am not that smart, I wish I were...However I created a very primitive font based on single strokes, which also requires copy-and-paste. You may see it on this webpage:



Hi Shab,

We've posted an Inkscape extension that does generate single-stroke font text as typed from the keyboard: http://www.evilmadscientist.com/go/hersheyhttp://www.evilmadscientist.co...

(You've probably seen this already, but I'm adding this comment in case others have the same question in the future.)


Thanks for doing this.