Flux Vase

by AK_Eric Jan 1, 2015
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You have a file that doesn't have a top or bottom and another file that the top and bottom are solid. Could you make one that has the top open so we can put water in it please? Also I am fairly new with 3D printing and I am unfamiliar with the "shell" terminology to make it water proof. Would you mind giving an updated one that is 3D printable and can hold water?

This is a BEAUTIFUL design and I would really like to print it and send it to my mother for Mother's Day. She hasn't figured out what my excitement/addiction/fascination with 3D printing is ... but I bet she would get a bit on the excited side to see something like this printed!

I am taking a 3D modeling software class at the junior college, but I am guessing in less than 8 weeks I won't be quite up to your level of design (they go off on other things like CNC designing in that time frame. I own an Oni H Bot 3D printer. Thank you for sharing your creations.

The solid model I provided should work, you just need to tweak your slicer settings. For example, on many silcers (Makerware & Simplify3d are the two I use) you can control how many "top layers" you want: Set that to zero, and print the "solid" vase with zero infill: That'll give you a hollow vase with no top.
When I refer to 'shells', those are the perimeter outlines that go around the exterior of each layer: The more 'shells' you have, the 'thicker' the walls will be. Based on some of the angles on the vase, I'd guess you'd need 4-6 shells (if you have a .4mm nozzle) to make that thing fully water-tight. Also, personally, I wouldn't use PLA (if you are) for anything water-related, since it's (very slowly) bio-degradable. ABS on the other hand would be fine.
If this doesn't make sense I'd be happy to provide more info: What printer and slicer are you using?