Hey! This thing is still a Work in Progress. Files, instructions, and other stuff might change!

Mini Action Figure 40mm

by Chanponman Jan 2, 2015
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I printed it at 200% .1 layer height and supports, the print came out ok, once I sliced it into individual parts, but the joints are badly sized. I am testing some slightly modified joint sizes to see if I can get it to actually fit together without breaking the model. I don't see how it will ever print correctly at 100%. If I get it to go together successfully I will post a pic

I printed out the pieces; sadly, they cannot be assembled. I believe this has to be printed with much flexible pla

Way too small!! The pieces don't fit I don't know if it's because of how small it is or if its the module but I would say just don't print this one out till the maker fixes it.

HI there

I would really like to print one of these but I can't figure out how I'm supposed to rotate it or what ever to get it to print right. I'm using an ante A8 printer and cura for the slicer. 

Hey I tried this awesome looking print yesterday at school and it worked perfectly. My only regret is not printing it any bigger. I mean 40mm... I'm not angry because of how cool this print is but it could have been bigger for all the small details it has. Great model make more of these!!

Does this print make one or two bots? Because there are two in the pics, and I'm curious.

Just the one.. and IMHO its best printed on a SLA or DLP printer, if you're wanting to print it to size. Otherwise Iwoudl suggest filling the print bed with it on a FDM, even one that is dialed in.

Okay. Well I'd tried printing this at my school, and they use MakerBot Replicators, and use a standard layer height of .2 mm. They said I couldn't because of the level of precision. Do you have a recommended scale factor if those are the settings?

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I uploaded a model again.
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Was anyone able to print this even with only the middle stick visible?

So, Since this has no makes ( at least none that anyone has posted), and after many failed tries to print at size, I've attempted to print this up at 150% on a FDM printer. I' figure the original files had to have been printed on a SLA with the research I've done into the designer.

Wish me luck guys.

I can only see the supporting stick in the middle when i download the file. It doesn't seem to have anything else attach to it. I tried open it with different software such as 3dmax and solidworks, still just a stick... Did you get the whole thing?

I did..How odd that's the only thing you're seeing in your file.

I tried using 2 different computer, and downloaded the file using firefox and chrome, but all of them came out to be a stick...

there's only one 7mb .stl file right?
do you mind send me a copy of your stl file? whatever I download from here it's just a stick, no matter what I use to open it...

Well, three tries latter and still nothing to really show for it.. How sad.. :(

So say I want this around deluxe scale sized, any suggestions on how to resize it and what would be good for close to deluxe scale? Can it be done in Cura?

Awesome work!

I added picture that contains assembling method and parts structure.

Hey can you reupload this design so that it woeks corectly. when we download this we only get the middle peg.

Hi chanponman! i really like this design, but it doesn't load into makerbot properly, only the midsection-connection tree for all the parts without any parts, any fix for this ?

thanks a lot!

Have anyone printed this successfully? Layer height? support? support detachability?
I'm printing right now at 0.1mm with support, but believe it'd be impossible to remove, will post my results later on.

well.. support (kisslicer coarse) can be removed with some patience, resistance of the really small pieces is great, but of course joints/holes are not functional. Took 3 hours at 100% scale, at 300% I believe everything will work fine, but estimation is over 10 hours so maybe another time.

Is there a guide on how to put this model together? Some of the parts look the same.

This includes a model of two kinds of head. And this site is explain how to assemble it. http://adventoys.blog.fc2.com/blog-entry-44.html (Sorry Japanese only, but photos show how to build it.)

and tried to download it to makerbot and it only showed the mid connection thing for the non-weapons

I got the same thing. Does anyone know how to fix this?

What is the print size?

Print size is 5.59 x 5.89 x 0.78 cm.

Great work, keep it up! I realized similar models of the type TF G1 but not articulated. Your accomplishments, remind me of the style Fansproject custom Transformers, maybe you are one of them ...? ;)

Thank you so much! It is original models, but I like Fansproject products. I respect their products!

Thank you for your comments.
The stand is on the market.
But it is easy to print it!

Great job on the tiny prints. Remarkable detail at that size. I love that they have the classic Diaclone/Transformers look.
More poseable than most of those classic figures too.
Very nicely done.

Looks great!
I'd also be interested in that good looking stand.

Is the stand in picture 2 printable?