Slimmed down version of Pebble snap link watchband

by Xander779 Jan 2, 2015
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My son and I made one of these for his pebble, printed flawlessly. We had trouble at first getting the links to snap together but after filing a small notch in the receiving holes we were able to successfully snap it together.

printed this, printed fine, hinges works great, but how to you lock it and unlock it when you have it on a watch??

I made this yesterday, and when the band was printed, i had to file about 1-2mm off each hinge, as well as making small grooves to be able to get the hinges together.

I just finished printing these. Print looks great, but trying to assemble them looks just impossible - 1 or 2 mm overlap...

Edit: After measuring with my calipers to find the order, I managed to force the links together using a vice. Most links are inflexible, and many of the hinges were smashed during the process. I don't doubt the other commenters' success but most likely haven't found the right precision settings for my printer & filament yet.

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Works great! The parts snapped together without too much trouble. The sharp edges are a little rough on the skin but sanding will fix that. Using it with my original Pebble.

This did not work for me. Being that there's no instructions, I'm probably doing something wrong. I've printed several of them, and they all come out stiff as a board one piece and trying to move on any any of the "hinges" results in a break. Are there certain settings that need to be adhered to when printing these? Or are they designed to be printed with a flexible material?

The band is meant to be printed as separate pieces then snapped together after printing. Within your slicer there should be an option to split the object into parts. I'll upload a STL with the pieces separated and update the instructions to clarify. Sorry about any trouble caused by my lack of clarification.

Looks great! I will have to make my wife one (she thought mine was too masculine).