Y Carriage belt holder for Prusa i3

by lixtap21 Jan 2, 2015
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It's a good concept and fits well, however it does not hit the end stop on an original Prusa i3 MK2s so it's not worth using. I like the small footprint though.


Can you confirm the dimension for the centers of 2 x M3 screw holes that fix to the plate, as I was measuring these in Inventor and it shows as 41mm?



Yes, center to center distance is 41mm.


Nice design. Wish I could use it though - can't because it does not have the required connection for the Y End Stop switch

Nice design. Wish I could use it though - can't because it does not have the required connection for the Y End Stop switch

Perfect in my Prusa i3 Hephestos BQ :)

I'm affraid that without any nuts the screw will eventually come off after hours of works . Any feedback about that ?

I've been using it for 2 years and no problem so far.

Gah! Just printed this for my prusa build and the screw holes aren't the same distance as my Y carriage :(

Great design! Probably the only one that has room for me to add an endstop mount in FreeCAD. My days of slipping belts will soon be over.


Just found this. I have been looking at a lot of Y axis belt holders and I believe this is the best one yet.
Will definitely be using it in my current rebuild of my i3 Hephestos.

Will you mind if I redraw it in OpenSCad and post it as a rework of yours?


Hi, the belt holder looks really nice! I'm thinking of using it in my upcoming Prusa i3 based printer.

Could you upload the original sources file(s) please to allow for modifications? Was it done in an open-source CAD program (OpenSCAD, FreeCAD, or similar)?


hi! It was done in solidworks 2012. I could send you the .sldprt file.

Yes please do

Hi lixtap any chance of getting the sldprt file from you? I want to adjust the height of this one to fit my printer better.

Pls, let me know via PM your email address and I'll send you the sldprt file.

Hi, thanks for the answer. Please do upload the .sldprt file so other people with Solidworks can make modifications. I'd personally prefer to use a part done with an open-source CAD program however, so I'll probably check out some other belt holder designs on Thingiverse, or maybe I'll try to redraw yours in OpenSCAD, we'll see.

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Hi, thanks for sharing this.
I really like it, it's way way better than the original.
Not only it is a much cleaner solution as also it fixed the issue I had that the belt would drag over itself as the stock part is too big.

Thank u my friend!

This tbelt holder is 100% better than the original one. It fits perfect and no more troubles with the default belt holder.
Thanks for this great design.

Hello !

Great design, thanks !
Is it possible that you post the same for T2.5 Belt ?
thanks !

No nuts? Just the screws?

Hi man! They just screw directly into the plastic without nuts. The holes diameter are 2.8mm, that's why you should put M3 screws.

That's frustrating, because tolerance on printers vary.

I'd like to do a remix of your design could you provide an .igs?

Que bueno, gracias

Clean design. I like it!