Hey! This thing is still a Work in Progress. Files, instructions, and other stuff might change!

RC Airplane with PowerUp 3.0

by CaseyJohnson Jan 3, 2015
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What electronic is everyone using for the plane? and do you have links? i tend to use alot of spektrum and would love to adapt this to work with the BNF system they use so i can build one for my nephew.

everyone is using the powerup 3.0, which is this thing that can attach to paper airplanes and make them rc airplanes https://www.amazon.com/Original-Smartphone-Controlled-Airplanes-Conversion/dp/B00N8GWZ4M/ref=sr_1_2?ie=UTF8&qid=1535207216&sr=8-2&keywords=powerup+3.0

packaging tape might work too. and it would give added strength ;)

I have a m3d printer and the main section won't fit for me to print. I was wondering if anyone have made an Atlanta for the main part to be printed in like 2 pieces.

order it on shapeways

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what about a more plug and play solution that you can stick just the parts together with optional glueing to hold them in place but general put them together like a puzzle?

Thanks for this creation.
I'am gonna try to print it on my prusa I3 on ABS.
What printer settings (fill density and number of layers for the shell) did you use to make it ?
I suppose, lighter you print it, better is.

I used PLA with my default settings of 25% infill and 2 shells. The parts are all small enough that I don't think any infill was generated by Slic3r. I would be interested to see how one made in ABS performs.

Can I use cling rap for the wings?

You could try but it might be too heavy. Thin plastic from a grocery bag or tissue paper are recommended.

Nice! ill be surly printing this!


I printed it out and put it together. However, I can't seem to get it to fly at all. It doesn't seem to glide. It usually just flips end over end.

Any suggestions? Thanks!

Hi. Make sure the power up module is pushed forwards so that the rear propellor is has about 1/8" from hitting the rear

Hey thanks. How did you glue the wings on the fuselage? I know you mentioned that they are dihedral (V shaped). However, do you glue each one of them on the sides with a slight angle of attack? I can't seem to get any lift or glide from the plane even without the propeller. Thanks.

First glue the two wings together into the v shape. Then, once dried, glue the wing assembly into the grooved channel on the fuselage. The channel has a small upward tilt, and provides the angle of attack and lift.