Customizable Measuring Cup/Scoop

by wstein Jan 3, 2015
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Shouldn't the 2.5oz one say 1/3 cup?

for extra measurements use https://www.asknumbers.com/CookingConversion.aspx
and enter the following

text box is quantity so this should be: 1
from: should be what you want to measure in (ie US teaspoons)
to: should be milliliters
accuracy: higher is better so i select 10

convert 1 unit of what you want to measure in to your unit of measure (and select accuracy to
then add it to the comments in the scad for future reference

here's 2 examples that i will use
US teaspoon: 4.9289215988
US tablespoon: 14.786764782

i keep all this in the scad. basically i change it as follows

/* [Size] */
// unit of measurement
unit=29.5735295625; // [1.0:ml, 16.387064:cubic inch (international inch), 28.4130625:imperial fluid ounce (Imp.fl.oz.), 29.5735295625: US fluid ounce (US fl.oz.)]


/* [Size] */
// unit of measurement
possible units, get more at https://www.asknumbers.com/CookingConversion.aspx
mililiter: 1
US teaspoon: 4.9289215988
US tablespoon: 14.786764782
cubic inch (international inch): 16.387064
imperial fluid ounce (Imp.fl.oz.): 28.4130625
US fluid ounce (US fl.oz.): 29.5735295625

i did make use of multiline comments.
in scad


in scads the /* denotes the start of the multiline quote
and */ denotes the end of multiline quotes
and * has been made to show on thingiverse with escape characters (which is a \ before the *, ie */)

Printed one, but found the model a bit flimsy. The only way to increase wall thickness is by editing the orignal model i suppose?

I made the walls a bit stronger by increasing the "outline overlap" settings in Simplify3D. Also changed outline/peremiter shell to 5 instead of 3. Not sure if that helps anything.

Model is much stronger now. Will offcourse also depend on how thick your nozzle is, I suppose.

Brilliant... The missus alway asking about how much washing poweder to use in the machine... The powder manufacture reccomends 110ml.... So I printed her a couple of them... that should keep her out of my hair for a while.... Printed some for fishing bait too...

Hi !
It's simply GREAT !
I've used it for my dog food, with a 200ml size. But it broke.
Can't we add a reinforcement at the junction of the cup and the handle ? Like between the handle and the print bed ?

Sure that should bei possible. Thank s for the suggestion.

If you do it, please leave an answer to this message, I will print the new version.
If you don't plan to do it... Well I will make it with bigger walls. But other than the part that I broke, it don't seem to need bigger walls.
Thanks !

Customizer doesn't work anymore, please fix it :-) Thanks in advance

Yes indeed all thingiverse apps seems to be broken. So please give the thingiverse crew the time to fix it.

In further testing I noticed that
if user entered a number for the *label1\_text* or *label2\_text* in Customizer, it dynamically changes the data type from string
to numeric, and thus fails to place the text label on the handle.
Since the variables are only used in one place in the code, I just wrapped the assignment with a call to str() as follows:


That fix isn't in the code posted in my earlier comment.

I have a remix of your project up here.

Customizable Measuring/Coffee Scoop

Hi. I think I may have found and corrected a couple of issues for your file in Customizer.
First, I replaced the deprecated assign() calls with direct assignments.
Second, I noticed that your wall_thickness_ variable, the one ending in an underscore character was showing up in the Customizer settings summary with the word 'thickness' in italics. This seems to be how the site interpreted the 'enclosing' underscores - as Markdown for italics.
So I renamed the first one as "wall_thickness" which shows up in Customiser as intended, and then renamed 'wall_thickness' in the rest of the code to "wall_thickness_adjusted"

I'll attach my version of your code for you or others to test.

I came across your project and wanted to make myself a nice custom coffee scoop. And when I noticed that Customizer wasn't working, I decided to have a look at the code. I have had issues with escape characters in my comments being misinterpreted when the code is sent off to the Customizer app, so I sort of knew what I was looking for.
It is really frustrating when code that works locally does weird stuff in Customizer!

Anyway, please have a look and incorporate my fixes if you agree with them. No credit or attribution required or requested from me.
This is a useful item, and I just hope my troubleshooting efforts are helpful.


I'm sorry. I thought it's your fault and wanted to tell you that there is an error with the customizer. I am printing now your 80ml model. Very nice design, Thank you!