Human Skull

by MakerBot Jan 5, 2015
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Have a nice day!
I'd like to know what the 3D model was doing?

What are the Pins used for?

Thank you for this thing! Thumbs up to you!

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This is a great model with super amazing detail! I rescaled it to 140%. Still small, but just the right size for... say if you were making a Dhalsim necklace LOL!. I happen to be using them to decorate my sidewalk by placing them on stakes. I used 5% infill which helps conserve filament. The jaw was tricky. My supports didn't hold. I simply rotated the whole thing (I think about 40 degrees or so) until the jaw was more flush with the start plane. that did the trick. Thanks again! Halloween will be a bit more spooky at my place! :-)

How much should we scale all the files to get a 1:1 human skull and does the lower jaw moves up and down while being attached.

240% scaling will give you an average male skull size (based on wikipedia head size data) 210% - 261% is still within the range of human skull size.

Can you please move the lower jaw back and change the holes so that it can be inserted?

Can you please remove the pins from the mandible stl and put them in a separate stl?

This is really sweet, but this would be INFINITELY sweeter if there were some sort of tab on the square pieces of the mandible that allowed it to stay attached to the jaw, but still movable. A piece that just snaps in. That would be incredible.

Congratulations for your job. I printed it at 200% and it's real. What kind of scanner did you use?

Any way we could get the one-piece model?

Someone PLEASE remix the cranium to a single piece. The seam looks stupid.
I have more than enough build area for a full size one, but this is miniature, so what's the point?

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Alguien podria ayudarme y decirme, exactamente cuales son los parametros para poder imprimirla sin ningun problema. Lo he intentado hasta ahora como 5 veces y nada, se queda en el 45% de impresion y luego sigue imprimiendo pero sin filamento. Alguien que pueda ayudarme. Gracias

Problema de tu software de slice, yo estoy imprimiendo con el cura 15.04.06 sin problemas

Great model, thank you. Printed no problem. Some medically-inclined observers have asked about the mandible, and the second layer of teeth in it, is this taken from a scan of a young person's skull? Or a mutant? ;-)

3 recommendations:

  1. Print the mandible FIRST (this is the hardest part) with rafts and supports at 10% infill;
  2. Rotate the print 90 degrees if you have a dual extruder; and
  3. Print the whole thing at 130% or larger... the original settings are just too delicate to stay on the raft.

if you have trouble with the mandible, I would pause after about 10 passes and put a dab of superglue where each jaw touches the raft... that will help prevent break-away until the print reaches the support. I printed ABS and used acetone to fuse the skull pieces. Its a beautful print. THANKS!

Thanks Bradchat. Sounds like solid advice, I'm going to give it a try now.

how accurate is this model compared to a real human skull? im trying to get it to a medicine university

HI, i am trying to print the mandible with support and raft, and after a couple of minutes the extruder take off the part printed from the bed ruined the print, any suggestion?

Do you know what size this was scaled to? I'd like to print it full size.

From what I can make out is is scaled as 1:3

I'm comparing it to another 3D scan that's considered 1:1, and I think this model requires 250% scaling to be 1:1, but correct me if I'm wrong.

would like to know this too please!

I used 3D Builder to set the mandible flat on the build table, then added support to the first 5 layers . printed out fine for me then.

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Lots of details with this print. Zygomatic Arch needs support or it cannot be printed correctly.

Agreed. I had 1 side fail, and the other is very rough, even with a 0.1mm layer height, but the detail is incredible, but still have the jaw to print as it kept coming off the bed, so I'll do that one on a raft

I've printed this model many times for customers to understand the differences which considerations like scale/ infill, shells, layer height and raft make to cost of prints. Its a consideration most businesses need to know when they choose a MakerBot desktop 3D printer versus a larger industrial printer like a Stratasys. both types of printer should be used in iteration of a design through to final print - be that prototype or working part.

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Thanks for a truly great model. It would be insanely great if it had the cranial void as well - and would also save filament.
I have printed the larger part of the skull and the only problems have been poor filling around the zygomatic arch. Retry with solid fill in those zones and selective supports as soon as I get more filament.

I am having issues printing the mandible. I put a raft on it, and that helped, but the little pieces curl as they are printing and when the extruder approaches it, after about the 15th pass or so, it removes the part from the print bed, because the corners are curling up. any suggestions?

Have you tried using support's?

Does this need support?

I printed the first two pieces without supports, but for the the mandible it is absolutely necessary. Even then, it had a lot of problems. As others have said, the zygomatic arches have problems without supports, so while they're not completely necessary, it did print a bit rough. The angle the jaw is sitting on the bed is really odd so I'm going to rotate it and try again because it didn't print very well.

The info says it prints in 5 easy to assemble parts, but there are only 3 print files. so, is it 3 or 5?

Hi ericsoj, There 5 parts on 3 plates. The two additional parts are pins and they can found on the Mandible .STL file.