enclosure prusa i3

by Moicano Jan 5, 2015
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I measured the lack table and it is only 22"X22". When I move my print bed to it's extreme front/back positions it looks like we need a clearance closer to 24"? Or does the print bed never move that far forward/back?

Will a Wanhao i3 fit ?

I bought two of these tables and only used the legs from one. I used the second table for the top and drilled screws into the legs. This thing is very strong. I am gluing white insulation board on the sides and Plexiglas on the front. Can't wait to get it finished!

I have the prusa i3 and I move the electronics ( arduino and power supply box) outside the enclosure prusa i3 box. I put arduino inside the power supply box with and extra fan.
with this system I don't have any temperature problems.

I have Prusa i3. Does enclosing the whole thing and not just the printer bed/print area cause the electronics to get hotter than they normally would? I assume the mosfets in the controller board, the power booster for the led display, the heat bed and thermister, extruder heater and thermister are going to be the first round of things that break.

Do I just needlessly worry?

Nice idea, though is there enough room inside for the extruder to go to z top without hitting the top sheet of material? Feels like 5cm~ more internal height would help and look a bit less cramped, I'm considering making a version with 2 LACK tables, either using only the table surface of one as a lid/base or cutting the legs down to 5cm~ though I'm not sure I can do that and maintain the finish, might just print a 5x5x5cm cube to raise each leg. I'm also going a bit fancier with transparent sides and a transparent hinged front all mounted in slots in the table legs to hide the edges etc and I'm going to add some LED lighting inside. I'd like a window on the top but I can't see how I can make it look nice, plastic isn't strong enough not to sag, and if I make it a partial cut-out in the LACK table top I plan on adding I'm not sure how I could maintain a nice finish, I basically want to make it look like a nice piece of furniture, if I use a solid color top I could probably paint the cut part the same color and have it look decent though.

Rear will be fixed to the bottom and behind it will be the RAMPS board and PSU, other 3 walls and top table would be on semi-loose pegs allowing the whole thing to be lifted off easily.

Both IKEAs near me are out of the oak effect ones though, only got birch and colors. :\

Thanks DaveTheLion.
It is enough strong!!. You can anchor the i3.
With the enclosure, you can control the ambient temperature (aprox. 100ºC), make better ABS impressions and reduce the ABS dilations.
Another benefit is the improvement of soundproof and cheap construction.

Very cool idea!! but is the table enought "strong"? is it all stable?
I Saw it in Ikea and it is like just 1-2 kilos or something like!! :/

Anchor prusa i3 to ikea lack is a good idea. I willl try it.
I use my own filament holder design. You can see it in my thinks.
Thanks for the comment.

Ingenious use of an upside down Ikea Lack table , maybe we can use the stl files to anchor the i3 to the bottom of the lack table
as well (available on thingiverse) to provide stability,

Where do the filament holders mount, are these new files that are required? or can you point us to the thingiverse item that provides
the mounting of the filament holder that mount onto the to frame of the i3?

This is so brilliant I don't even know where to start! Thanks for the idea.