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by zignig Feb 8, 2011
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Hey I use blender 2.69.0 and it didn't worked! Will there be any updates? (Yes I know I'm a bit late ;) )

Since this addon did not work with Blender 2.7 I have created a new plugin (borrowing code from this) that works with Slic3r output.


Don't forget to read the README.md or the WIKI if you want directions

I've installed the latest blender (2.63) on windows and I'm trying to use this add-on but it does not appear on the add-on list after installing. You mention it does not work on 2.57, presumably that means 2.57 and onwards? Is there an updated python script coming?

I couldn't find a debug output or error log window in blender to see if i can deduce what is wrong with the installation (I'm new to Blender), does anyone know if there is one? Help-
gt;Toggle system console showed a console, but no output is displayed during the add-on installation.

Thanks for any help.

Ah, I've noticed this now...


Someone has upgraded Zignig's script to work with 2.59. I've tried it with 2.63 and it throws up some errors on import but mostly works.

Blender 2.59 add-on to import and render 5D GCODE
by Sound

Any word if this plugin works on B2.59 under OS X? (it doesn't show up as a plugin to be enabled after i select the http://io_import_gcode.pyio_import_gcode.py)

This is quite cool! I haven't used Blender yet. This does however make me want to attempt writing something similar using Microsoft Silverlight.

Wow, sheer awesome. Thank you!

I'm going to re-install blender just for this. :-)

Done, works well, and quite fast at least for the part I tried it on. :-)

Having some trouble installing this. I'm running Win7 x64 and have installed the latest Blender x64 but whenever I go to install it does not show up in the list of addons no matter what I do.

Fixed by installing Blender 2.56.

excellent improvement on the original. No mess, no fuss.

great that is shows progress if you run blender from terminal.

I just want to say again, that this script is a total life saver.

I have it working in Blenter 2.56beta
but it wont seems to import into 2.57 (and cannot be seen in the addon screen)- Might be a blender problem

anyone else seen that?
I tried to troubleshoot it for a while, but gave up and just installed 2.56 again.
Im running ubuntu.

Anybody know how to install this on the Mac OS X version?

I would like to use this cool tool but blender seems not to find the file:


lt;unknown location

ValueError: invalid literal for float(): 5.0;

val = float(j[1:])

File "/path/to/addons/http://io_import_gcode.pyio_import_gcode.py", line 346, in process m.process()

and so on...

does anybody know how to fix that?

I tried it with gcode made by repg and with reprap host. It only seems to work with gcode from repg as i got the same errors as you for the gcode from reprap host.

that is so freakin' awesome !!!

big thx to u zignig 8-)

This is a great idea! Maybe once you add detection for extruder on/off commands, thingiverse can use it to auto-generate thumbnails that are more accurate than their current ones.

Just had an idea and thought I would throw it out there.

Is it possible to use the fabric modifier and gravity to achieve a simulation with this?


Can the code be changed to use metaballs to draw the object so it merges into one solid object like really happens. ( would not work with the animation )

Cool ! I didn't even think of animated GIFs! nice work , also try abient occlusion and no lights at all.

Thank you. I always wondered how to get the vibrance and depth. :)

If you mess with the clipping on the camera and the view you can mod it correctly.

instructions upated

I uninstalled 2.56.1, moved the contents of the downloaded 2.56.0 into /.blender/2.56/, reinstalled 2.56.1 and the script shows up in the menu and works. But I lose all my other add-ons (all of them) import/export, meshes, objects, render, etc all gone. I've then gone back and deleted /.blender reinstalled 2.56.1 and all the other add-ons are available but the gcode script won't install. :'(

hi you have to after selecting the file to install click on the i think its import button top right

p.s. I can reinstall until my hands bleed and I never get a message saying it is installed.

Go in and enable the plugin in the addons page, then save as default.

sorted it. feel foolish now lol..

this is a great bit of kit thanks again.

Just a follow up i have noticed its not included in the list of addons. However when i try and readd the file it says its allready installed?

Hi this is great. I downloaded the latest blender as advised downloaded import http://gcode.pygcode.py

managed to install it in blender. But it does not appear in the file / import tab.

Am i missing something?

There's another step to installing plugins in 2.5: enabling them. Once you have it read in, you have to go to the plugin and click it's check box to turn it on. (The checkbox system is so the menus don't get too cluttered, but if you ask me plugins should auto-enable when being installed to avoid just this scenario.)

The checkbox is, thankfully, under the import/export submenu where it belongs thanks to Zignig's coding.

Bravo! Awesome! Blender needs more great addons like this one!