Prusa i3 E3d Bowden Mount with servo v3

by stratop80 Jan 7, 2015
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I did not understand how the automatic leveling system of this model works, could you explain.

Hi, Guilherme. I designed this a few years ago, and I don't use a Prusa yet, I am not even 3dprinting anymore... :(. It was a bit complicated, as far as I recall: the movement of a certain angle of the servo made the leg rotate the probe, and placed the microswitch in position for the G29 command to operate. Each position of the probe (deployed and retracted) were secured by tiny magnets that kept it in the right place, be it rest or operation. There was also a little flap that prevented the air coming from the fan to reach the printbed, while the probe was retracted, which only opened for deployment and probing and closed by itself at retract.

Ops, reading my own description, I remember that you didnt have to give a precise angle of the servo, since a complete travel would cause always an exact 90 degree movement of the probe, as it was designed after a Geneva stop, a clockwork gearing...

Everything perhaps too precise to be made of 3d printed parts. But it worked until the Prusa went away, and I had great fun designing it.
There are for sure simpler ways today for probing. Anyway, help yourself! Regards, Javier.

Very unusual design!

Thank you!
Yep, I have uploaded the part in http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:647033, just a remix of some others, Hope someone finds it useful.

Direct Mk7 extruder

Looks great and I really like the direct drive. Could you upload that part as well.
Thank you.

You should list Setting to Print, Like ABS or PLA, Layer Height and Fill, I printed a Test version tonight from PLA to Size it up and Parts Snapped off when Fitting, What Print Settings Shall I use

Hi, it's strange, I am quite sure I answered this in its moment, maybe I messed something, sorry anyway. I always use ABS, 0,2mm layer height and about 40% honeycomb infill for this pieces. Regards!

Looks useful, I will give it a try.
One comment though, the title is misleading. Bowden means the cold end (motor an gear) are separate from the hot end ( the extruder). It is when you run your filament through tube to connect the two separate parts. Think bicycle brake lines.

Thank you, sna4ward. Yes it may well be misleading, as I show it with a direct extruder. But in fact, my E3D is the Bowden version, and I used it that way for a while, though I prefer the direct system by now.
If you see the main picture, it only needs the coupling for the bowden tube. In the 4th picture (hope you see the same order than me) it features a direct extruder that I designed specially to link with the bowden E3D (it clips in the mount and pushes through a very short teflon tube that fills tthe "gap") and makes in fact a direct extruding.
You have then the choice to use it in either way, but If you dont want to use my direct extruder, best chance is to use it with an external extruder and a bowden tube.
I hope to have explained myself, my english not as good as I would like:-)

Thanks again!