Flashforge Dreamer tall spool rod holders (left & right) and long spool rods

by tselling Jan 7, 2015
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I'm super happy with the results of printing this, though I did have one problem. For my Dreamer, which I received in early July 2015, the positioning studs don't align properly, that is, when I places the bracket over the studs I couldn't even see the screw holes. My solution was to leave the screw holes alone and cut away plastic from the bracket - from the position stud holes to the edge of the bracket. I'm guessing that Flashforge has modified the mounts such that the positioning studs are now further from the screw holes than before.

This is good to know. I based this off my printer received in Dec 2014 so it is possible the position of the studs have changed. Do you think making the holes that go over the studs a bit bigger would help with alignment so that they fit the older and newer versions?

I took some measurements of my brackets (the original brackets from Flashforge) and also took a look at the SCAD files you posted. The measurement of interest is the distance between the line connecting the screw holes and the line going through the locator post holes. If I am interpreting the SCAD correctly (I'm very new to SCAD ...in fact your posting was partly what got me interested in OpenSCAD) it looks like this distance is 10mm. Measuring that distance on my brackets it looks like 13mm. I think if you extend the Y distance of the base by 3mm then you could either put another pair of locator holes or maybe even slots that would work with both versions. I'd attempt to do that but I need a little more experience with OpenSCAD. Does my description make sense?

I just took a look at the code in openscad. I have the distance from center as 12mm for those nub holes. Measuring the original spool holders that looks about right. I have the diameter of the holes at 5mm but looks like originals are about 8mm so I think I can just increase the diameter.

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Thanks for posting these - they look like a good solution. What print settings did you use for these parts to ensure adequate strength? What percent fill?

I think I used about 35% fill with 4 shells.

Thanks. Did you have to remove the base of the Dreamer in order to unscrew the original holders and screw in the new ones? are they screwing into a threaded mounting hole, or are there separate bolts that have to reached from below?

Yes, you need to remove the bottom panel to get to the nuts that the bolts attach to.