Resizable Loose Filament Spool

by shaunp Mar 17, 2013
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I've had some trouble with the spokes not breaking apart. I looked at the model and I saw that the male end of the spoke had a very very thin connection with the rest of the spoke (usually one layer at 0.2mm, which almost never came out well due to bridging), so I strengthened it by filling in some of the end of the female end of the spoke, and it's much stronger. I only edited one (30mm) so it doesn't really warrant a remix, but I'm happy to send you the file. Here's a more visual representation of what I changed - http://i.imgur.com/RLp0ZZB.png

Fits after some post print filing. Needs a mount or something. The shape with the 3 arms want to hit and snag things.

My print went extremely well. I used no supports and 30 percent infill. Had no issues without supports and it came out very clean. it may just be the duplicator 4, but i was under the impression that the duplicator 4 is a clone from makerbot. So i think that others will have success without support as well. NICE DESIGN i will use this for all the laywood, conductive, and sandstone i just got! ( didn't come on spools) Thanks again!

Do I really need to print these with support? The look well supported. Are you suggesting "exterior support" or "full support?" Also, what infill do you use? Strength is often a problem with spools.

I print using full support. The support is useful when printing the brackets as there is overhang when printing the "bracket hexagonal connector" which inserts into a spoke. Support also gives cleaner spool holes in the hub when inserting the spokes (it is easy to remove). No support required when printing the spokes vertically which is a must for strength.

I would normally print at 35% infill. The hexagon spoke system seems to be a bit stronger than other spool designs I have printed (and snapped).