Replacement Apple MacBook power supply/charger clip

by dooby Jan 8, 2015
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I for the life of me could not get this to fit. The little pins are slightly too long, but even after sanding the little pins kept breaking off when trying to get the clips in. The one-piece design with a gap works much better. Pushing the parts apart like mentioned in other versions is not possible with my charger somehow.

Yoohoo.. Thanks a ton. I made this into a single piece, pushed apart the covers slightly based on instruction on iFixit for Macbook Charger, then slid clip, pushed them back together, took me all of 5 seconds, once I figured out how to push them apart.

The print took less than 30 mins.

This is my make, thanks to you: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2447048

Macbook Pro Charger Clip - Single Piece

I managed to get them in while they were separated. I didn't need to use any plyers, nor did I super glue them. Just fit one in, then take the other half that isn't in yet, and get the peg into the other hole. After that, slightly twist the one that isn't yet into the slot into the other 3d printed part and it'll pop in.

How do you get these to fit into the slot? Do you have a technique for it?

I'm trying to figure that out now, myself. What did you end up doing?

I think for my colleague we just tried to gently insert one pin into the recess on one side and then slowly and gently rotate the replacement clip into place so the other pin located in its recess too.

Thanks. I ended up prying it open a bit using plyers and then putting the clip in place. Hard to do one person, but I got it in there.

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