Party Plate

by WrangerMan Jan 9, 2015
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Super idea :D When it comes to food safe there are alternatives: http://colorfabb.com/xt-copolyester

Hey! These are great. Do you have any tips on settings you used for printing? I printed a few with different settings and they all have had a little trouble with the overhang as it seems to be slightly more than 45 degrees. I'm about to try printing on with support so the filament isn't falling off the edge but wondered what settings you printed yours with. It actually seems like the prints I did with thicker layers did slightly better perhaps because there was a bit more there for the overlap. It tried with finer settings to reduce ridges but it had a bit more plastic falling off the edges.

On my Makerbot Rep 2, Ive had successful prints with 0.2 layers, 10% infill and 2 shells with no support, But I would recommend with support as it makes the rim near where the glass goes in turn out better.

I've taken to adding a few 'helper" supports, just a really thin wall(s) next to the object I'm printing. Seems to help a lot without making as much of a mess as the slicer's default supports. For example like my sepal's on here: http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:673762 - Or make the walls a little steeper?

Rose with Stem & Thorns & Sepals & Hip for Valentine's Day
by kresty

Any chance we could get the CAD for this? Want to make a slight modification. Thanks!

I work in Sketchup, so it's a skp file, hope it works for you.

I always post my skp :) What tools don't like importing STL? (Not that Sketchups stl import works very well in my experience).

This is totally perfect, I am going to make a whole bunch!

I'll add my congrats on being featured! My wife wanted these after a 3 second glance at the picture. I'm thinking this would execute really well as a design in wood as well. I'm going to try it in both plastic and wood and I'll post pics when I'm done. Thanks for sharing the design!

The wood would be interesting to see especially if you finish it with an oil or varnish of some kind. I was considering trying a two colour print with white to start then once the print gets to the rim change to black.

What plastic did you use?
I thought ABS wasn't safe to touch food.

I use a makerbot replicator, so I don't have a choice, I have to use PLA.

There is a lot of kitchenware made of ABS.

AFAIK the FDM process is not considered food safe for the "treches" it leaves on the surface that would be good places for bacteria to hide. But you can sterilize ABS with heat, since it can take high temperatures.

Other problem is that you cannot rely on the filament quality and pureness.

PLA, I mean your not eating like soup or a steak off them, most of the time it's going to be crackers and cheese, but I suppose you could put a napkin on the tray or a doily...?

PLA is a corn based product and is non-toxic. Very biodegradable.

I saw these in a wine tasting room at exorbitant prices, and wanted to design one. I am just not a good designer, so I never designed it. Congrats on the feature, and thanks for saving me the trouble of designing ;-)

My parents had something like this that clips to a common plate.

Wish I had parties that these would go good with. All my friends just drink beer. Apparently I need new friends :P

Congrats on getting featured!

I'm currently working on one that works with beer so watch out for it. :)

Thanks for the support! I put a lot of effort into it to make it work really well and look good.

Approved by alcoholics association.

Hi, congrats! You won 1kg of filament! I took second place and 0,5 kg of filament!

great Idea, brilliantly executed!!