Mini Drill Press for PCB Drill

by ftobler Jan 9, 2015
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Thank you for the drill files. I have remixed the brackets to fit some special ad-12 drill, but will fit for any other 32mm and 35mm diameter tools. https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:3002997

32/35 mm bracket (ad-12) for Mini Drill Press
by pepeqcz

Great model. Thanks!

what kind of hardware do you need? if you can get links to them that would be great

As I can see, I need a drill press to make holes in the wood ? I just wanted to make one because I don't have one.

Very nice design and simple! I was forced to adapt the bracket to a 34mm diameter one because my drill has a 35mm diameter, I will try to post the design to add to the collection if possible. I used Freecad to make the new bracket and forgot to drill holes to the bracket opening for a screw but as it turned out it was not really needed the secret is to make the bracket 1mm smaller than your actual drill diameter and it snugs perfectly well without any screw.

If I were to mention any pain points is the fact that by trying to fasten the gear to the rod by extra tightening the screw, I accidentally blew off the part of the gear that holds the screw in place! Despite that fact though, the screw fastened quite fine when I switched the bolt to a wood screw (with a pointy head) which fasten nicely in the rod.

I also switched the rubber band with two identical helical tension springs because rubber bands tend to fail due to heat and they might fail just at the moment they shouldn't! (Actually, according to Murphy's law they are probably going to fail just at that moment).

I have yet to solve the problem of the springs being ejected when the mechanism retracts fast but this is probably a matter of using the right combination of screw and washer.

I also failed for the time being to print the slider correctly (it came out very warped) which makes the contact of slider with body quite loose thus introducing some positioning error but I am planning on trying to print it with different settings to avoid warping (any ideas on this would be very much appreciated). I am currently using 100% infill which according to some forums is prone to warping but on the other hand it produces very solid objects. And the funny thing is that the opposite face of the contact which belongs to the body and has the reverse angle was printed with the exact same settings perfectly well! So, I am also thinking of printing the slider with supports and upside down (i.e. with the gear tracks facing the bed) to make the edge exactly the same angle as the body's and thus maybe avoid warping...

In any case, thank you very very much for this design. As proposals for improvement I also would like to stress that the real reason for us printing out tools like that apart from the fun of the process, is our ability to improve and and most importantly to service them ourselves. In this regard the design could be improved. For instance it would be better to find a way to make the parts more easily removable and thus replaceable. I cannot say I have any specific ideas about this in mind but I do believe that this is an important issue.

Lastly, I added two nuts to the bottom side of the wooden base in order to fasten the machine to the base better, which in turn created the need for four legs which I made by creating a simple flange with a small 1mm hole in the middle and 5mms of diameter and about the same in height to come out of the nuts that I simply nailed on the bottom of the wooden base! Now in this regard it's rock solid. Only the slider to body contact remains loose...

Aggelos Asonitis

Very nice design!
How do u fix the gear to the M6 rod? With a M3x12 the head touches the mount and the gear won't turn completely!

Hello Ferberto,

If the head touches the gear, this does not have anything to do with the rod diameter. It simply needs a little working the gear with your fingers until it creates enough room to move through the plastic. I think that if you try to fit a M6 rod in there you will make a very small space very crammed with stuff and thus probably make it even more difficult to turn!

Aggelos Asonitis

Try to shorten your screw or glue it.

ok thanks, I'll try with the glue!

Im making fingerboards skatedecks and this would be great. Can i buy one?

No, sorry, I don't sell them.

For the 320mm M6 threaded rod, are you cutting that into 3 sections (2 base supports + lever arm)? Or can you clarify how these parts are included? Thank you in advance.

I think 70mm for the lever and 125mm for the base supports is what i used.

I've purchased this rotary tool ($18)...

I think it'll only take small modifications to ftobler's plan to accomdate the flex shaft from this rotary tool.
Once i'm done, I'll post the files.

what about the total weight of the parts?

Could you use this to carve into wood and other materials?

I think its possible. For more heavier work, you probably want to use a stronger Motor.

What's the purpose of the middle hole on the bottom side of the mount? The two side wholes are clearly for the threaded rods which support the press. Was the center hole intended for mounting on a single threaded rod in lieu of two parallel rods?

I didn't know how to mount it at design time. so I made multiple holes.

Great design. I made one and it works very nicely.

I designed new bracket for this drill press to accommodate 28mm diameter drill I bought from ebay.

OpenSCAD file is also included, so modifications for different drill diameters should be easy.

Bracket for mini drill press 28mm
by ondrej

I'm also curious what little tool that is. It looks great as a mini drill press, though!

Where did you get the drill motor?