Chameleon DeskPal

by ModernGnome Jan 10, 2015
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OMG he is adorable! I am printing one to give to my daughter :) and I have done a teeny tiny remix as a special request from someone who wants a chameleon pet for a miniature character :)

I love it!!! cool, AWESOME!

This is going to make a great little prize for someone's desk! Thank you!

Hey Geoffro: I finally got around to creating an improved version without built-in supports. (It still needs support to be enabled in your slicer, though.) Enjoy! :-)

I made one of these, very cute when stuck on a branch! Not sure if all the supports are really needed but they came off easily. What was not properly supported was the tail, so the bottom side (bottom in the print orientation) has a little bit of spaghetti filament (printed in thin air). I'll mod the drawing before printing it again.

Nice model, can we please get a version without supports please?

Love this model, Id have 50 of them by now if I could figure out how to print it. Are you adding additional supports or just the ones built into the model? Slic3r wants to build supports all over this thing, and the resultant object has support pieces that are too small to stick to the bed, even with a raft. Obviously this is being built on a printer that is leaps and bounds better than mine, but seems I should be able to at least make it to layer 2 without screwups. Any advise?

"Chameleon-stronger-no_support.stl" prints well with no supports at all. Enable raft, or add a helper disk (such as http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:346319) below the model.

Helper Disk Small

Issues here as well. Slic3r adds supports all over the model and some are very hard to remove. The print is completing but with supports fused to the model. Might just be my printer however.

The version called "Chameleon+Supports.stl" does not require additional supports. If you choose to use the other one, which has slightly thicker legs, I'd recommend adding supports using MeshMixer (which is what I used to create the supports on the "Chameleon+Supports.stl" version). MeshMixer's supports are quite easy to remove, particularly if you print the model at 125% scale.