3D Printed Case for Arduino Uno, Leonardo.

by ZygmuntW Jan 10, 2015
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Would anyone have happened to create a set of labels for the ports? I'm thinking of marking the ports and would rather not re-invent the wheel.

will the uno v3 fit in this case ?

Yes, the uno r3 fit in this case.
We have this version on our pictures.

awesome file, printed out 5 case.
This is the best arduino uno case you can print!!!

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Nice case.

My only gripe is that I couldn't modify your cad files properly. Milled out a slot for the onboard communication LEDS.

Otherwise... thank you for sharing.

was it pla or abs just wondering if i need to scale it up for shrinkage :)


Thanks a lot, i made an Arduino UNO Case, it's really perfect.
If you want to have details for printing :


100% Infil because i wanted something very solid.

3D Printed Case for Arduino Uno, Leonardo.

Hi, I am just wondering if the screws can be replaced with any other screws as I cannot find those in my local stores. I don't really know anything about screws, so pardon me if I sound like a complete idiot.

First, the only idiot is the person who doesn't ask.

So, I'm not much better than you are. But, perhaps these will help.

Per this quote, You will need 4x Self Tapping POZI CSK screws number 4, 16mm long to put it all together..

There's no real good, widely available, exact equivalent in Imperial Units. Either they are too big or too small. The closest you can probably get are approximations. Based on what I've read here (You will need 4x Self Tapping POZI CSK screws number 4, 16mm long to put it all together. According to this page ( http://www.diydoctor.org.uk/projects/screwsize.htm ) the closest you can probably get is 8 x 5/8 in Imperial (non-metric) in a flat-head, self-tapping screw.

Of course, you could order the correct metric size on Amazon. One option (though not exact) is here: https://www.amazon.com/Phillips-Countersunk-Bolts-Machine-Screws/dp/B018RSUHGS/ref=sr_1_3?ie=UTF8&qid=1495586104&sr=8-3&keywords=m4+x+16+mm+screw

Hope this helps.

Could not extract file said improper file path :<{

I think its because the file path is too long, just rename it to something like ArduinoCase

This is a tremendous case I love it!

Whats the recommended infil percent and shell thickness?

It depends on you printer, I'm using:
Layer Height 0.25mm
Perimeter Widht 0.4-0.5mm
Infill 25-35%

what about mount holes?

Unfortunately no mount holes in this case.

It's a very beautyfull creation.

Thank you !!!

I´m interested in this world of 3D printing, it will be my first time using a 3D printer. so thanks for the design.

Any intention to make one for the DUE?

Not for near future because the openscad code needs major changes. Sorry.

I would really like to have a spacer, so that I can include some more space inside the enclosure.
It if was a 10mm spacer and stackable, you could have as much air space as you wanted.
I have printed some already (thanks!), but the spacer would be a cool addition.

The is a lovely little case. I'd really like to have this type of enclosure for my Leonardo & CC3000 Wifi shield.
Would anyone be able to help?

Thank you. Unfortunately I can't help you with it.

hey I needed the same so I quickly hacked your lid and made it fit for the cc3300 wifi
you should add to your git:

hope that helps!

That's great! Have you printed it yet, so you can confirm all fits each other? I haven't the cc3000 shield version so I can't check it myself. Thanks.

I ended adding a slot for the SD-card as well. I updated the gist. I can confirm that it's good

Hi! Love the design :)
It would be neat if the height of the top lid could be reduced for the Leonardo. The PCB has quite a low profile, except for the power adaptor. Letting this socket poke out, achieves an overall slimmer profile. Like in this more minimal design by Taito: http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:194866.
I tried adjusting the 'height' parameter in your script file but it breaks the cut-outs for the headers, etc... I wondered if you might check the model parameters?
(Note// This was also raised here: https://github.com/zygmuntw/3D-Printed-Case-for-Arduino/issues/3)

Arduino Uno & Leonardo Covers
by Taito

Good idea! I've reduced the height and made some other adjustment to make it work. This is what I could do for now, it is uploaded with 'slim' in the name, so you can download it. Maybe I can squeeze it yet about 2mm but the code need major changes as it is hard to work with it even for me... :)

That looks great! Please could you share the Parameters and updated code on Github for future tinkering? :)

Some day I will do it. But now I've tried and it wont upload - I'm not a GitHub expert... If you need the code, please send me you email in PM and I will send you the code.

OpenScad code for Leonardo Slim has been added to GitHub: https://github.com/zygmuntw/3D-Printed-Case-for-Arduino/tree/master/leonardo_case_slim_1_2

Thanks for your model.
Would you please let me know how can I edit this model? Which software did you used to create this ?
I'll be really thankful if you can share the editable file, for example .sldprt

You're welcome. I did use OpenSCAD to create this. If you're fine with this software I can share with you source code. Just send me a message with your email.

Could you send me the source code as well for this model. I want to make a few adjustments.

Yes, just send private message with your email to me.

Can you share Arduino mega ADK Version?

I will do version for Mega, Mega ADK but I'm busy with other projects now so I don't know when, maybe 2-4 weeks.

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Love the colors, what brand and material is the yellow?

This is the material:


Note that colors on screen are often different from real,
I'm using IPS calibrated screens to keep it in control
but same must be done on the other side.