Toyota Engine Compartment Seal Clip

by bathrobotics Jan 10, 2015
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Hi can you please give the dimensions?
Thanks for sharing

I modified these clips quickly to make them work for a GMC/Chevy van door gasket but can't post a remix due to license restrictions. Are you sure you don't want to allow derivatives of this design?

Please Upload it.

I say "No derivatives" as a defence against people putting their name / initials on something an uploading it, but if its a more advanced derivative, please upload it as a seperate model (and tell them where the original came from if you like to!)

I just don't want to see hundreds of parts which have just had someone's name put onto it!

Thanks for your interest!

Just posted a 'make' not sure why the pic is the way it is, but if you enlarge the image it comes good!

Wont be able to test the ABS ones for a week or so!

I didnt treat the PLA clips in anything, straight off the bed into the car!

Am yet to test the ABS clips, still have them sitting just next to the printer. I doubt you'll be able to make the PLA withstand the engine bay temps, but in saying that, in my particular application, the engine's no.6 cylinder (and rear turbo) is directly underneath the seal, and thus under the clips, which probably isnt helping! Once i try the ABS, ill come back with some reports! Ill also pull the PLA clips out and take sum pics of them!

Just FYI, they kind of look a lil like mini dildos/butt plugs :P


printed 2 batches of 8, one batch in pla the other in abs, the first batch have soften and failed (as youd imagine pla having such a low softening temp) after 1 heat cycle

my clips are a lil different in design, and a little larger, but that plays no part in it as it still works as advertised!
they are installed in my jzs147 aristo, increased under bonnet temps due to the larger turbos probably doesnt help!


Great experiment!

Where the abs acetone treated in anyway?

I'd love to see photos, do you want to be the first person to ever post a "make"?

I wonder if we can make a pla version that will withstand the engine bay?

Thanks for posting,

Andy -S-

Nice to hear, Woggin!

I hope the build goes well, I look forward to seeing the results soon!

They are easy to fit into the seal, there are little slits along the underside, and then just push into the holes in the trim.

They don't have to look pretty, but these will work.

Good Luck, and let me know if you need any tweeks!


WOW perfect!

i didnt even think about replacing my broken clips!

thank, will b printing a few thats for sure!!