Universal Spool Roller

by DWONH Jan 10, 2015
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Great design, I really like it. I´ve been using it for a while now, nothing to complain.

Might be too needy, but any way to add some sort of brackets to the side rails? just so they can be secured to a lack table top :)

Great design and love the rollers.

Thank you for this thing! Thumbs up to you!

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Thanks for this! roller_bracket has self-intersecting surfaces, would print incorrectly in simplify3d and the threads would come out really bad. Was able to fix by going to Mesh > Separate connecting surfaces and now it prints perfectly. The other problem I'm having is with a lot of wobble in the holder when turning, I'm unsure if it's my bearings or not evenly put together.

Great roller! Thanks for sharing!
I made some changes on the stand... A kind of fusion between the original and the one from ajcacho. It lets you place the rolls in 3 different positions to accomodate several spool sizes. DON'T FORGET TO MIRROR IT to print the second piece as it isn't symetric... :)
Also added 20mm to the 120mm roll to have a 140mm.

Thank you for your excellent filament roller.
I had just posted a minor remix at https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:3017184, intending to improve the stability when using thin spools.

Stable Universal Filament Roller
by ajcacho

My cap will not screw all the way in. What am I doing wrong?

I also think there is something wrong with the roller-bracket. I get large holes in the outside shell near the top, and the thread itself slices poorly in comparison to the threads on the inside of the roller. I am using S3D by the way. Gonna see if I can fix it in blender

Yea. it was definitely a bit messed up. The "thread" part of the bracket was not merged with the shell of the object. It only took a minute to fix it. Here is the revised stl if anyone is interested. Still having a tough time screwing it into the ends of the roller but the thread looks way better now. Other than that, the design is awesome! Any suggestions, besides sanding, on getting the brackets in? I could be overextruding which would make it tight, but didnt know if you used something to get them in.

Bravo. This has got to be one of the most well-thought out designs on Thingiverse! Everything fits like a charm. Thank you!

I love this pin and holder design ;)

Hi, thank you for your great spool roller !!
Can you please upload a version of roller of 130mm ? I need it for a 2Kg spool from E-sun. This spool is 125mm thick.

Thank you so much !!

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Great design. everything fits together very well.
Currently printing parts for no 2 (will post pictures)
Would it be possible to make a 100mm version of the roller ?

Thanks for sharing.

Thank you!.
I uploaded 100mm version now.

There's a problem with the roller-bracket.STL, it comes out of slicing either completely solid or completely "not there".

Btw, I had some issues with under extrusions when printing all parts at once. It would under extrude after a retraction.
Adding 1mm of "retraction prime amount" in cura 2.4 fixed that issue (monoprice maker select V2)

could you please make a shaft so (though it wouldn't be as great) would work without bearings? :)

I don't think roller will work properly without bearings.

Exelent design! This the best spool roller I have ever used.
Thank you!

YAFR (Yet Another Filament Roller)

Could you upload the source files? I would like to remix it to accomodate 625zz bearings. (preferably a file type compatible with 123d design, such as STEP files)

This is nice.
I've printed many spool holders, and yours works best.
Thanks of this design.

How many hours will take this print? Is it safe? or the filament roll will go down??

I don't remember printing time now, it's been more than one year.
You could check estimated time in your slicer.

Don't worry about safety. no problem. :(

in the process of making this now, you definitely need some sort of vice or clamp to get those pins all the way through the bearing into the holder. but I was able to successfully do it and now im printing the holder, followed by the 2 rollers. total print time will be about 7 hours at .2 mm height 5% infill 60mm/s print speed.

Nice One !!! Will build it thanks !!!