Hey! This thing is still a Work in Progress. Files, instructions, and other stuff might change!

6 x 6 Inch Glass Bed Clips for Printrbot Jr.

by phraust Mar 17, 2013
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I started using Elmers glue stick on unheated glass when printing with PLA. Find the kind that starts purple and drys clear. The problem I have now is getting it off the glass. A little water around the print usually does the trick.
It is 98 cents for two glue sticks at Walmart. I tried a lot of different glues and blue tape and this works the best.

hi i have a printrbot jr and every time i print something for example this design the Z axis dosnt move up enough . how do i fix this please help.

You may want to try putting a thermistor (usually under $2) and NiChrome flat-wire (sub $5 for enough to cover the 6x6 bed) taped to the underside of your glass. Once wired into the heated bed pins on the Printrboard, you can get an easy, cheap and effective heated glass bed.

I recently put one together and I'd get enough heat to print right onto the glass. With the help of a 20k 10ohm resistor, you can get the bed hot enough for ABS sticking too.

Great clip method!

a couple notes about this: I've been using paper clips to hold my glass on. I like this idea much better.
For the screws under the x-carriage, I replaced them with some flathead #6 machine screws and counter sunk them so they were flush with the wood. No more catching, very easy to do.
With your filament guide, and this, most of the printrbot jr bugs are worked out. Just gotta find an excellent belt tightener for X and Y and we'll be all set!

once again, very cool idea. About the sticking or lack there of, I had the same issue but it's all but solved for me. Hair spray. It's amazing. Try it.

Ya know, I just saw someone else mention hairspray in #reprap on freenode. Gonna swing by the store later tonight.