Hand of the King pin

by HasiGH Jan 11, 2015
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Nice! I also made one dubble-sided by duplicating it, mirrored and meshed them together with meshmaker. It looks really cool, i've added it to this comment.

I also printed it with the pin pointing up, i get way better details that way.

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great design !
used for testing new filaments @0.2 or 0.1 and scale at 60%.
the test's print goes to my friends, big fans of GOT ;).

Great model. Posted my results under Made.

This turned out really well. I just got a bobby pin and hot glued it in the slit in the back to make it fully use able for a costume.

I noticed there is an opening on the back. I'd assume for adding a pin of some sort? Do you have a link for the pin you are using?

I think that pin looks fairly ugly :( I modelled mine after this one, which looks much better in my opinion http://www.thinkgeek.com/images/products/zoom/ebdf_game_of_thrones__hand_of_the_king_pin.jpg

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Nice Work !

Can you sent me STEP models or other, because I need to improve some detail with Solidworks.

Unfortunately this model doesn't slice properly for me in Simplify3D. The area below the thumb is corrupted.

I got around to fixing the mesh, so the new file should work fine now

Yeah, that issue has been pointed out to me by several people. It's due to intrsecting meshes. I didn't bother merging all the meshes into one because I slice with either Cura or Craftware, both of which handle intersecting meshes perfectly. Simplify and Slic3r don't, and the error that you got appears. If you want to print this properly, you can either fix the mesh using netfabb or slice in Cura or Craftware.

This is a pretty awesome design. Only suggestion I have is about the slot on the back. Make it about twice as wide to fit bar shaped safety pins in there.

That is a very nice model. I never really got into Game of Thrones, but this is cool.

Do I need to print this with supports? For some reason in Cura it won't allow me to add support.

No, you don't need supports. You might need to rotate it in Cura so that the flat side is on the printbed, but once it's in that position there are no overhangs (except for the recess where you insert the pin, but that's not an issue).

how did you get stl file from blender?

File > Export > stl

That's really good! How did you get that finish?

From his Make:
Printed it 10cm long, layer height 0.08, cleaned imperfections with an X-acto blade, painted it gold, applied some black paint and wiped it off to darken crevices, glued a safety pin to the back, and voil


Hand of the King pin
by HasiGH

Do you have a recommendation for the type of paint? Acrylic?