Hey! This thing is still a Work in Progress. Files, instructions, and other stuff might change!

Swiss Army Style SD Holder (Expandable)(Raspberry adaptors)

by Dranoweb Jan 13, 2015
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This is a lovely, thank you for sharing

Great idea to contain a collection

This is very nice
Can you make it for sim card case.
İt will be perfect

Anyone looking for some desktop memory tray with right dimension slot, Please take a look at my new design from scratch at https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:3560872

Desktop Memory Slot
by SmileX

excellent design, other comment removed!

Comments deleted.

Your condolences are most welcome. My situation has once again changed with a recent diagnosis of Multiple Sclerosis.
But with the support of friends and family we are crawling out of the emotional hole as a team.

And I regard Barcelona quite highly, I have a pen-friend there whom I have been writing to since 2002.

Dude - Well done!

This idea of yours is incredibly useful.

Thankyou - the feedback is appreciated.

I created a tab for Nintendo Switch carts. Don't want to remix whole thing just for small addon. You may add it here if you want.

[EDIT] https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:3468258

Swiss Army Nintendo Switch Cart Holder
by spiikki

Awesome, you can make your own remix if you want, credit where it's due. But when I get round to it, I'll add it and credit you with the design.

Sweet, I've been looking for something like this...I can print in ABS AND PLA so I know what you mean about the difference of the material....or was that a different part.... In any case I'll be checking out the Netendo one as well as I also have a a 3DS. Thanks again....

The 3ds was designed sight unseen. Last feedback was that it needed adjustment.

Thanks....like I said I'll check it out, and let you know what needs adjusting... I can print in both ABS and PLA, and have not experience too much difference in both printers except when I wanted a snug fit or very tight tolerances....

Dranoweb - I've printed with an ABS printer and it is perfect!!!! Printed one key ring end piece, regular end piece, and two container pieces. using ABS printer, NO adjustment necessary, I have to try on the Makerbot 5th gen and see how that prints. For most items I do not experience any shrinkage. Which depends on the size of the item, and how I choose to print. On the end of large items I sometimes get bowing (yes, this is a shrinkage problem/issue), but that is fixed by placement and sometimes a redesign of the part, so it becomes less susptible to shrinkage effects.

Good to hear you are having some success - my time for maintaining this design has been short in recent times, but there is certainly a resurgence of interest since the article in hackaday.

Thanks for posting this great Item.
Not sure if it is me or my machine but some parts I had to size up to 110% to get them to be the same size. It is a good suggestion to partially print and check sizes.
I first printed the 1 SD card with 2 micro SD and a rasp adapter, then I printed the two outer. these all matched. Then I printed the 2 SD card with holes and it was quit a bit larger. Reprinted first 2 items several times, resizing each time to get to identical sizes.

For an Ender 3 Pro with Cura printing with E-sun PLA resized 110% outer pieces and 1 SD 2 Micro and Raspi Adapter.


This is a pretty common comment.
I designed these for use with ABS plastic - as indicated in the comments, as is the possible need to up scale slightly.

The reasons for this:
1: the design was intended for a snug fit, meaning that cards don't rattle, or easily fall out.
During rough transport I found that cards can wear through - but I also drive ex-military vehicles that cause this kind of vibration. not everyone does.

2: ABS doesn't expand like PLA. the difference is, surprise surprise, about 10% for some brands.

Please also note - that no matter how hard you try, every printer will be different, and things like belt slack, stepper skip and many, many other factors can lead to inaccuracy - especially in my case with a rep-rap printer, the ambient temperature causes anything up to 3-4% variation between winter and summer (In my part of Australia, that may be a difference exceeding 60c)

You will note that I included the design files, so that anyone wishing to make mods can do so - and this community has made many - including some pre-scaled.

This design was initially conceived and manufactured in a little over an hour in total. I'm always shocked to see how far it has come, and all the great variations there are.

What state are your in-laws in?

Indiana and Michigan.

i was excited from this idea and printed it. After mountig all parts i saw the disadvantages. it was nice to print, but i won't use it for my sd-cards. May be i will use the idea for other applications.

Not all ideas work for everyone.
The initial design for this took around an hour.
I have not changed much since.

However all the design and source files are present - should you wish to modify it to suit your needs.

Feedback is always good - thanks for your thoughts.

Thank you for this thing! Thumbs up to you!

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Always appreciate the feedback - and apologies for my delay in reply.

Many thanks for your design even that I used a remix version. But I think, the credits have to go to you for the initial idea :-) :-) :-)

I'm quite happy for the remixes, I had always hoped that the initial design would spawn better designs and remixes.
I'm happy to see all the cool variations out there.

Had to print at 101% size on my Anet A8 in PLA... Sliced with Cura.


It seems to be a commonly done print.
I designed it so that the cards would "click" into the holder and would not fall out in the field.
It would seem this does not suit everyone.

dragons dont have webs do they?

Drano - my nickname, derived from my surname.
Web - short for website.

My website - www.dranoweb.com.

No dragons here...

ahh makes sense now.

Seriously, thanks for this design, the updates, and especially for the time you've put into responding to people's problems even though you definitely don't have to. You've given us way more of your free time than you needed to... and it's appreciated!

It's nice to hear a thankyou once in a while - it makes my day each and every time someone does this.
This was originally a 2 hour design, to solve an immediate problem. apparently many other people had the same issue.

Before I knew it, it had been featured and the complaints and requests came pouring in.
This is why I'm always happy to see remixes and people come up with improvements. I use some of them myself.

I just wanted to take the moment to thank you for your help :)
Stay well my friend!

No problems, I'm always happy to get a comment like this.

there is major issue with the placement of the M3 hole, it is to close to the card and should be moved, 9.75mm away from the card edge so when rotating the round edge wont interlock with the card slot.
In the 8x microSD the two cards near the M3 hole are not usable, same for 2x SD card can be damaged while removing or inserting.
This was maybe already addressed and I missed the comment

The issue with the card placement has been addressed some time ago.
The 8X micro sd holder was designed for long term storage, and the proximity to the hole was aimed at keeping the overall dimensions to an absolute minimum.
There is a 6X variant of the same holder which simply eliminates these two inner slots - thus removing the temptation to use them.
In all of my prints, the tolerance was such these cards could be removed by inverting the tray.
I store my "emergency" cards there - that are rarely used.

Adding another 10mm to the overall length will then not fit into the slots in any of the hard camera cases that I use, thus making the design less than useful for me.

You will find that I anticipated issues like this and provided all my source files so that anyone and everyone can make their own version to suit their specific needs.

However if you are unable to do this, you could send me some pictures with some markups and I'll try to find some time to make a varant for you.

what I meant was to move the M3 mounting hole not to extend the length.
No problem, I'll change it in F360.

Yes I tried to keep the holes concentric to the outer radius, both for esthetic reasons, and to avoid a "scissior action" on any cards that might not be correctly seated.

However be sure to post your remix - I'm always happy to see better ideas.
I made this because there was a lack of anything like it, and I wanted to provide a framework for people to build on.

I enjoy seeing the end result of many minds.

I can't fit a micro or standard sd card to fit in the slots
and on the 8 micro sd holder, 2 of the holes on the bottom are smaller than the rest
but the idea is so cool

Most of the reasons that this may happen, have been covered in the description and/or the videos.

A few questions:
What material did you use?
What printer did you use?
What print settings did you use?

Did you calibrate your printer first?
Did you print a test piece first?

Every printer will print with slightly different tolerances - and not always the same tolerance in all axis.
Different filaments expand differently during printing.
As explained in the description, this print has very fine tolerances for the cards (0.2mm) in order to prevent cards accidentally rattling loose. This tight tolerance can test any printer.

Depending on the slicer you are using, you might try print scaling (also suggested in the description, and several comments).
depending on how far out the scale is, you might try a 1 or 2% scale up. I suggest printing one tray, part way through first to test the sizing before commencing an entire print.

I like the design, and plan to print one for myself. Would it make sense to add a hexagonal hole for the nut, making it semi-captive?

That was a consideration during the initial design, but when sampling the variety of nuts in my 3mm assortment, there was a high degree of of variation in all dimensions of nut in my average assortment. I concluded that it was impossible to predict what size would be available to the individual printing the object, and as my aim was for maximum compatibility, I was forced to come up with a one-size-fits-all solution.

The end solution was a round hole, a fraction smaller than the average nut size - to provide some friction, and recessed deep enough to accommodate a 3mm nylock nut - This allows one to set the desired tension, and not have to re-adjust later, as i found I had to do with a non-bushed captive nut.

Repeated open/close cycles resulted in a normal nut, captive or otherwise, becoming loose over time.

Unlike similarly styled key holders, I did not envisage the need to regularly change the inserts, and so the decision was made to stay with the nylock option.

However, cyanoacylate glue works quite well to secure small nuts. Additionally the source files are available if you wish to make modifications to suit your particular needs.

Thank you for the reply. I am new to 3D printing, and value other people's experience and knowledge. Thank you for sharing and explaining your design decisions. All your points are well thought out, and I understand why you went the way you did. Thanks again for sharing the object, can't wait to print it.

Je l'ai imprimé avec du PLA, 20% de remplissage, température de buse : 210°, température du plateau : 40°.
J'ai mis l’échelle à 1,01 car j'ai remarqué que les carte SD ne rentraient pas dans leur boite.
Sinon merci pour cette objet !

PLA Expands more than ABS - this will change the tolerance slightly.
Thankyou for your comment.

PLA étend plus que l'ABS - cela modifiera légèrement la tolérance.
Merci pour votre commentaire.

J'ai oublié de préciser que je l'ai imprimé avec une résolution de 0,2mm

DS/3DS prototype:

I don't own a DS - so anyone who cares to print and test it for me, please report back and let me know what needs to happen.

Swiss army Style Nintendo DS / 3DS card holder

Thank you for the useful and well thought out design. I have well over 50 SD cards. Printing trays in different colors to help me remember what cards are for what. Better then my old system, scattered in my electronics bin.

You are most welcome. the design source files are included if you wish to modify it.

Can somebody remix this for 3DS/DS and Nintendo Switch Cartridges?

Work is slowing down pre-financial year. I should be able to find the time to make some new drawers for it.
I think someone else has listed the dimensions, as I don't own any of these it could be difficult to test them.

There are DS cartridge blanks that you can print for testing purposes if that helps.

Merry Xmas:

Also update video that explains a few things:

Swiss army Style Nintendo DS / 3DS card holder

Just a heads up - I'm designing a prototype as we speak for you to test for me.

I'd call that a last resort - some of the issues I've had with this card holder have been a result of crappy filament with a huge shrinkage issue.
I'm pretty sure if I print a dummy, it won't be accurate enough to get the kind of tolerance I need.

I'll give it a crack, but it will have to wait till I have the spare time.
there's also another video coming for this design to help address some of the comments I've had.

It's not very well designed. The slots near to the hole can't be used (see picture https://cl.ly/jWoW).
If you open one layer, the nut from the top and bottom part will be loose.

Additionally - if you use a nylock nut - the nut will not loosen.

Source files are attached if you wish to modify the design yourself.
Alternatively I suggest you look at the remakes...
As you offer no productive solutions - I remind you that this is a free design that was hastily produced to meet an immediate need. The popularity of it was not expected.

I'm going to print one ! That's just THE PERFECT IDEA !

Btw, I'm wondering if the SD card closest to the axis in the "double SD holder" is really useable. I mean can one really extract it from the tool ? It seems to be partially under the "top side"...

Yes it's possible. The overall concept was to keep things as compact as possible. This was one of the sacrifices. There is a tray without those two slots.

I usually keep my backup blank cards there that are only used infrequently. The difficulty in removal means I think before using them, and always have a spare in an emergency.

Can you email me the Autodesk files. You can just email them to me at hunter.hess0800@gmail.com

Sorry for the delay - the source files are included in the files list already - as a zip file.

Just printed this on a well calibrated printer using PETG - it's a perfect fit without having to adjust anything. Thanks for a really cool design (and also for providing the Inventor files which will allow me to make a few personal tweaks!)

Good job!

Comments deleted.

Great video!!! :) Like the message!


I'm loving this. Its a shame you had to make that video, no need to explain your self! Hope your daughter is giving you all the pleasure you deserve!

Can I ask what you designed this in please? I'm very VERY new to 3D design.


In fact - the source files are included should you wish to make your own version.

2D was done in autodesk autocad 2010

3D was done in autodesk inventor 2014

As for the video - there's another coming soon, with luck, some updates to this design, as soon as work slows down a bit.

Thank you for the replies.

If I was to get my own printer (I currently use our computer clubs one) would you think that a Lulzbot would be a good start?


Rep-rap series are a good start as it can print most of it's replacement parts

What a simply Awesome idea, I hope that no one copys it and tries to pass it off and make money that you should receive..

In fact I'm actually counting on the fact that they probably will.
I don't have the funding to take this to manufacture, so I'm hoping the chinese will rip it off, and make cheap injection moulded ones, and I'll buy them in bulk and sell them for a modest markup

Just printed one, great idea I used PLA and did not have to make any changes. Thanks!

Just found this! Super awesome! I was sitting here at my desk looking at all the memory cards laying about thinking that I need some sort of storage/organization methodology...

Don't let the trolls get to you. This is a fantastic design! If people cannot figure out how to scale things properly and get useful prints then they get what they deserve.

Thank you!!!

Can you make an insert for Nintendo DS games? My kids would LOVE this!. Thanks!

If you can accurately measure a DS cartridge and post the dimensions here - I'll have a go at it.
I don't have access to any to measure myself.

I'm also heading overseas in a matter of days, therefore there will be a month or more delay before I do anything with my designs.

I have some games u can borrow to measure mate. Will drop them off when your back ;)

I find it a very interesting and practical design, that other applications can be done with?

What screw size should I use for putting it all together?

3mm stainless is what I designed around.
The fit will be a little firm as the intention is for the screw to cut it's own thread.

Well done! Simple but great idea, thanks for sharing! Can you add a slot for micro SIM cards? It would be wicked to have all the portable cards in one tool!

I would love to have this for microsim too

Still waiting one someone to post the dimensions of a micro/mini sim...
I don't have too many floating around to measure.

I don't really need them, but here you go, since you asked:


Hey man GREAT DESIGN! printed one in PLA and one in ABS both work great and your right PLA needs a little trimming but no big deal. And have a greta time in the USA seeing your family

Good to hear you had success.
I'm off to Michigan and Chicago soon, I hope to explore the area during my stay.

Love the Idea!
Is there a chance to convert the files to make it run on a CNC instead of printing?

The Mazac 5 axis mill I have used will toolpath directly from stl files.
The source files are included in autodesk inventor format - you should be able to export to.a variety of formats as required.

Could you make a compartment for Nintendo 3ds games?
I think that would be an awesome way to travel with them.

If you can send me accurate dimensions of a 3ds cartidge I'll see what I can do.

keep in mind I have essential vehicle repairs, full time work, and substantial travel over the next few months.
There may be some delay.

There have also been several deaths in the family of recent.

Thanks for the design.
Looks and works great.

Nice to hear it's working for you.
I need to find the time to make some upgrades

Thanks for the design, great idea!!!!

I also have a XYZ printer da Vinci 1.0A, using ABS i found 104% was perfect, Just more proof that no 2 printers are exact, not even across the same models. Don't let peoples comments get to you, the ones that complain dont know what they are doing and blame you for their lack of knowledge.

If you own a micrometer you can do a test print, measure the test print, measure the sd card and divide the card size by the test print size and multiply by 100. There is your scale.

It's nice to see a few positive comments here.

I think many people expect a 3d printer to produce a finished object that needs no further work, when in reality, even products from industrial precision machines still need a little finishing work.

And you pretty much said it, I'm pushing the envelope with this design, and it takes a little bit of effort and a few test runs to get it set up right.
Big industry always do setup and calibration on a job before commencing batch runs.

I need to say a few things to everyone here:

Firstly - read the details before commencing a print.
Secondly - print just one tray first and check the size.
Thirdly - ABS prints differently to PLA

This design is free - think about that for a second - I don't get paid to make this stuff for you.
In fact I work hard doing alot of other stuff to feed my wife and child.

the source files are included - if you hate it so much, do what others have done and redesign it yourself.
can't make 3d objects yourself? well you probably shouldn't be picking holes in my work then. it's easy - seriously, and there are free programs out there - go learn, take my designs and learn to be a pro - then you might end up a popular designer too, and start to understand what it's like.

I don't have to post this design - I can delete it anytime.

This design has been downloaded more than 20,000 times, and only a handful of you are experiencing size issues.
this comes down to a couple of things - 3d printers produce product that while good, still require some finishing work by hand.
you can't expect a precision object to just drop into your lap without a little cleaning up - not even professional machines do that.

domestic printers have a little slack and stretch in many components, this design can and will stretch the tolerances to the limit, and even on my machines, that I have meticulously built, rebuilt, redesigned and re-manufactured - no two prints are exactly the same.

in summary - you wouldn't buy a car sight unseen - don't print sight unseen, run a test print.

Thank you for the work you put into this design and posting it here, I really appreciate it. Congratulations on the baby and I hope you're able to get Stateside for the visit with your in-laws soon. If you find yourself in the Northern Virginia / Washington DC area and need help or info feel free to reach out. Cheers!

I live in the same area as you!

Will be in Michigan for most of it with a change of aircraft in LAX and Chigago.
booked tickets today. All $4000 worth.

Printed with reprap aurora, with PLA filaments. But i think it's kinda too tight for any sd card or micro sd.. Could you make wider version of it? just a bit wider i think..

PLA expands more than ABS during printing - to that end, I refer you to the "thing details" section:



However... someone has been kind enough to make a PLA compatible remix:
find it here:



Swiss Army Style SD Holder (Expandable)(Raspberry adaptors)
by Marbal

My printer is XYZ printer da Vinci 1.0A. Print with ABS in 102% produce a good match of size the SD and MicroSD cards. However, the design has some problem as cards slot would be blocked as you stacked up several components of it to complete a Swiss knife. Only 1 X SD cards and 6 MicroSD cards could be put in rather than the original design 2 SD and 8 MicroSD

As discussed in other comments, the innermost card slots were sacrificed to keep overall dimensions to a minimum. One solution is to print the card slots with holes to allow easier removal. I usually carry a coupke of "backup" cards for unforseen requirements. As I don't need these often, they live in the slots closes to the hinge.

Source files are included if you wish to modify the design or create your own remix.

Thanks much for your reply. Apart from some slots were not easily accessible, it's a very good design overall.

Just printed, without reading the instructions, printed in PLA, trashbin =)

There's a couple of remixes that have adjustments for PLA.
I'm both out of PLA and very short on time these days, so I've yet to make a PLA version.

Most people report good results in PLA by scaling up a tiny bit - like 102%.

The print was 98% finish when I saw that it cant be printed with PLA without scale it haha...

I have now download the remix =)

Well every printer is a little different.
I know some people print 1:1 in PLA and it's fine, but most complain.
Pla expands when heated, and I designed with tight tolerances.

If you have autocad / inventor - the source files are included.

I printed the remix, the one for PLA, and it didnt fit. =/ Now I have put 8 hours for this in total print-time and it still dont fit =/
I will try 102% and see if it will work...

Be thankful it's not a 50 hour print like some of mine.

I suggest just printing one tray first at 20% fill. It will print quick and you can test fit with less waste.

Oh ye Iam =)

Just tested 101% and 102%, does not fit... =/
Going for 103% now.

104% is a perfect fit..

Good to hear you found the right settings.
Might be worth printing 20mm test cube sometime too and check what your printer is actually printing.

I do that everytime I calibrate my bed, thats about 2 times every week. A 20mm cube is 1.998mm ;)

But I opened the files and checked them, They are to tight, 11mm and 15mm exactly on a micro card slot in the files, thats why it dont work.

What brand of SD card are you using - I measured sandisk brand cards as they are the most easily obtainable here.
I know that in many devices they are a loose fit. - you may have stumbled across the source of frustration for a lot of people here.

I'll try to get hold of a few other brands and see how much variance there is.

When working for a roto-moulding company that worked with PLA and ABS, they informed me that PLA can expand 2-4% when heated and that ABS can shrink up to 3% when cooling - after being heated.

I do have plans to rework this item in the near future, but I have slightly more pressing matters to attend to - such as 6 days a week work, and vehicle repairs.

I use also sandisk, and sony, etc. All the same size. maby u have copies?

Micro sd's are one of the worst for counterfeits.
I get mine at the local supermarket - and have lots of problems with write failures and early degradation.
I think they don't have hardware write levelling, and sandisk are meant to.

I'll look into this.
In the mean time - there is a new remix with adjustments - the link has been added to the description.

I have plans for a bigger and better SD card holder, and I'll take all this into consideration when I design it.

Comments deleted.

where can i find remixed parts for PLA printing

You can find them by clicking the "remixe" button above.
or by going to this link:

several people have made remixes to suit their own needs, I highly recommend a look.

Swiss Army Style SD Holder (Expandable)(Raspberry adaptors)

I had HIPS loaded in my printer and printed at 102%. SD cards fit easily and microSD cards just barely fit - they seem to snap into place. Now, to find some M3 bolts of the needed length in the US.

I found some bolts in my accumulation of electronics stuff which fit the holes. But after I assembled it I realized that you can't get some of the cards out (the ones closest to the screw hole) without taking it apart. Well, maybe I have a few cards that I don't want to erase, so those will go in there.

I've not had a chance to play with HIPS yet - your make looks good.
the Micro SD's were designed to click in to avoid loss or accidental dropping.
the revised versions with holes underneath the card were added on request of another member to help make removal easier.

you can use the imperial equivalent of 3mm (1/8").
the hole tolerance is tight so that the screws will cut their own thread as you screw them in.
the overall length of the holder needed to fit a storage space in my camera case, as a result, i sacrificed ease of removal for compact design.

i have a better idea in the works.

how to add customized name in the top piece

check the remixes.
The customizable sides were created by another member.

The space for the microSD is to small, the SD fits fine (after a 1.02 scale) but the micro SD is still way to narrow.

you may also like to look at some of the remixes, as there is a remix designed for PLA, with bigger tolerances.

Did you pint in PLA? you will find that ABS is better.
it's also worth checking printer calibration with a 20mm calibration cube and digital calipers.

many people have printed this with no size issues.

keep in mind that there is only a 0.5mm overall margin for the micro SD's.
if your machine is even 0.2mm out of calibration, it won't fit.

It's printed in PLA, i did not see the PLA version. I did set the printer to a higher resolution ( for one more try) maybe it's helping.

The SD it fitting ok after the 1,02 scale the micro SD not , the printer calibration is ok (Felix 3.0 Dual)

Where is the pla version ? i will give that one a try.

PLA expands quite a bit more than ABS when printed - if you read the original notes - you will find that I stated this design is intended for ABS due to that quality.
however I understand many people don;t have heated beds, and prefer PLA instead.
Due to the recent death of my brother I have not had much time to work on my designs or make adaptations.

Remixes for this design can be found here: (including the design someone adjusted for PLA)

also note that the source files are also available for download, and if you are reasonably adept with autocad, inventor, or solidworks - or most other 3d platforms you should be able to adapt the design yourself.

inventor should allow you to add an offset to the interior surfaces to suit your needs.

Swiss Army Style SD Holder (Expandable)(Raspberry adaptors)

Swiss SD was my first 3D printed project. Used PLA plastic on a Makerbot Replicator 2 at the San Jose Tech Shop. Maker ware easily exported the .STL file to .x3g and let me print each piece.

Open Issues:

  • I'd print everything 3% larger to get SD and Micro SD cards to fit.
  • The side with the keychain attachment printed with the wrong screw hole locations and too long. Maybe my NOOB mistake in placing vs resizing. Ended up printing the side 1 twice to resolve.
  • Metric 3mm screw and nut hard to find in Imperial USA so I used #4-40 x 3/4" instead. Nut doesn't fit inside nut hole, but it worked for me.

Thanks for creating such a useful and cool project!

you will notice from the original notes that this project is intended for ABS, as pla has different expansion properties and "tolerances are tight"

you will also note if you measure the different sides in a 3d program, they are exactly the same size.
if there is any size difference, it will have been in your processing of the STL.

you can get a great many different styles of nuts to fit the same thread - however if you have some measurements of the nut, I'd be happy to run off a compatible STL for you.

remember that when there is a tolerance of 0.5 - 0.2mm, that calibration can change drastically if you have loose belts, uneven surface under your printer, a cool breeze during print, or even a few specs of dust on the filament, that this can mess with the print.

the first layer will tend to squash out a little, which means the screws will be a snug fit unless you do a little finishing work on the product - very few rapid prototyping systems will give you an end product that does not need hand finishing.

I'd been mulling around different ideas to solve this problem for myself, but I like this better than what I'd been thinking of. Thanks!!

thanks - I made a few sacrifices to keep size down to fit most pockets, but check out the remixes - a few good adaptations there also

Comments deleted.

Very nice. Just printed one for my buddy who is a media nut whose SD cards are scattered like peanut shells on a Western bar floor. We will organize that dude.

Glad to have helped...

Comments deleted.

Fantastic idea and very customizable,this would sell like crazy ;)

It does, I covered the cost of my first machine selling these.
After which I released it under the creative commons act in the hope that it would inspire better versions.

check out the remixes...

great idea,very good blend of design and functionality in such a compact package.this will keep my SD card hoard organized. (};-)

I'd suggest you look at the remixes - there's a rather nice lightweight remix someone did.

Comments deleted.

Can this be made customisable to add different text?

Someone already did it for me - see the remixes

I printed this and my Microcenter brand micro SD didn't fit and neither did the Microcenter brand SD adapter. Just got my printer and the 20mm cube came out very accurate.

If you still have troubles, send me the dimensions of your cards and I'll run off a custom insert for you.

Had another thought - how did you measure your cube?
did you use calipers or just a ruler - because even 0.25mm out can be a problem for this holder.

What material did you use?
I have been using green, black and blue abs, seems to work the best.
PLA, and glow ABS I have found create burs and irregularities that don't work well.

you could print the entire object scaled up approx 0.5 - 1%

also, you could have a look at the remixes - there is one that another user adjusted.
additionally the source code is available for download as well - if you wish to modify it.

Comments deleted.

Would it be possible to have a version to put USB sticks ? I use micro SD for my raspberry pi but I prefer installing the OS on an USB stick. That would be great :)

Its in the works, however I'm working on call as a fire spotter, so I haven't had much time recently. In the mean time you could try the card reader holder.
If you measure up your usb stick ill try to throw together something later tonight

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Hey, I do not have a MakerBot. How do I buy this fantastic object?

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Best bet is to find someone near you who has a 3D printer.
Looks like you already have one offer...

I can print this item for you, Email me at Allen2688@gmail.com and tell me what pieces you want to print and we can figure out shipping and material cost's.

Tried the 0.5 and the clearance was too big on my i3.

Oh yes I see the make now - if it's giving your problems I can edit the original - or if you have inventor the source files are included.

Not sure if I have enough info to help here - 0.5 nozzle?
And it pays to run a calibration cube or similar on your machine and check it with vernier or digital calipers.

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SD card is NOT fit to this design!

I have gone over my designs and printed them on two different machines now, and in various materials, they seem to work ok.
I notice you are quite adept with 3D modeling - there is a .zip file with the original source for autodesk inventor.
you can edit to suit your needs.

or perhaps scale the model in your slicing software.

You may also like to check that you have not printed the Sony MS Duo insert, as these cards are different dimension.

As stated in the description, you need a very well calibrated machine, as the tolerances are tight.
the material you use will make a big difference.

I suggest you try transparent or black ABS, and also run some calibration cubes and measure them with calipers.
Also if you look at the remixes, there is a variation that has been expanded a little to allow for less accurate prints.

Can someone please make this for me? I'll be forever grateful! $$$

I'm in Australia, I don't mind printing one off for you, but depending where you are, it could be a little expensive to ship.
You might joing a group here on thingiverse, or google for a forum for a group local to you, you might fond someone near you has a printer.

Awesome, just sent you a message!

It was a quick solution to a problem, and I like Victorinox stuff so the answer was simple...

I love this! Are the tolerances designed for ABS or PLA?

user "hamop" has adjusted the tolerances for PLA:

Swiss Army Style SD Holder Remixed drawers
by HamOp

Designed for ABS. Have not tested on PLA. Glow abs seems to be a little rougher.
Black and green ABS from aranum on ebay has shown best results.

except dat, its awesome


Photographers and tech support!

Someone like me who has about 20 or so security cameras to maintain. But you don't have to print so many inserts. You can just make one that holds only 2.

It would be awesome if you added a Phillips head and flat head screwdriver. If you really want to go beyond, you could add a battery holder, a pen holder (hard to fit everyone sizes...or you could just use the little tip-and-ink part inside of the pen), or a rope winder to hold paracord. Just ideas! Nice Job!

Oh, and it would be cool if you could customize the side text through the Customizer...

If you check the remixes, "Hamop" has made a customizable side cover and remixed the micro sd insert...

battery and screwdrivers are in the works as well - I'm doing this inbetween running my own business - so again, if you watch this thing, I'll be making additions soon.

I'm not yet familiar with customizer - I work externally in autodest inventor.
However, if you watch this listing, I'll have a crack at it soon.
In the mean time i'm happy to customize it manually for you.
Source code is also included in a Zip file in inventor format - if you wish to try it yourself.

Just as a small thank you for this great design: http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:686674

Customizable outer side 1 for Swiss Army Style SD Holder
by HamOp

Thanks Much!
Works like a charm now!
I'll post photos soon.

Awesome. didn't have time to test print. I'm planning to make other inserts for batteries and screwdriver bits etc. Suggestions welcome. End idea would to have a configurable field service kit.

I managed to make the mods in the 10 minutes before work. Even added a 6 way micro SD insert for you.
18mm home for standard SD, 9mm for micros. Let me know if this works or if they need chamfers etc.

Thanks again for the feedback.

Great Gadget! But it would be great if you put a Hole in the SD Card slot nearest the hinge, or for that matter, a Hole in each SD card slot in order to push them up and out from underneath. see the photo in the make I just printed. Also, how about just 6 micro cards, instead of 8? Because I'm clueless how you are going to get the two closet the hinge in and out? See the Orange make i'm uploading in a minute...

I'll add some stl's tonight with holes included.
normally I place my least used cards closest to the hinge, and place them so that the diagonal corner is facing outwards, this allows for me to pry them up with my fingernail.

In either case, ill make a 6 card version for you as well.

When I print them in ABS the cards are normally a little loose and this allows for me to slide open a holder and flip it upside down, dropping the cards out. Check back in about 12 hours and there should be some extra parts included.

Het there Dranoweb! A couple coworkers and I love this thing. I have printed one and we would like to make a few tweeks. We work with A360 so if are willing to post a FD3 file or whatever you can we would love to play with the awesome thing you have made here. Thanks again!

I'd also be interested to see your print if you care to post a couple of pics, so many downloads, but no one has bothered to post any makes.

The sketches were done in autocad 2010, and the 3d in autodesk inventor 2014.
You will find a zip file now included with all source files.

if you can't run these I'll look into exporting them into a format you can work with.
Thanks for the interest.

I work for Autodesk and love the design. well done.

I love autocad products lol.
If you want to adapt this I can supply autocad and inventor source files.
I also have something more complex in the works soon too.