Customizable Lens Clip for Note4VR / OpenDive headsets

by maso27 Jan 14, 2015
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hey do you have a customizable visor? to add to your lens thanks;)
Sincerely Gabriel

Hey just wanted to say this thing is awesome, good work! I took the 25mm lenses from my old cardboard 1.0 and now I can focus!

One thing, I just purchased some 37mm lenses to improve my field of view but it seems my lenses are alittle thicker than the slot that holds them in place. Is there anyway you could add another parameter in customizer to adjust for the thickness of the lenses? Thanks!

Done! See if the latest rev works for you.

Ahh just as I finished modifying the .scad file lol. Its ok, I plan to make a few more for friends, Ill try it out with customizer on the next one and let you know how it goes. Thanks!

Going to build this for an iPhone 6+ in an Otterbox Defender Case so I don't have to keep taking the phone out of the case. Yes, I will probably need to start neck exercises to hold this rig up, but... :)

I've been able to create a phone clip per the Customizer (THANK YOU), but am curious as to how to customize the lens holder. I bought 25mm lens with 45mm focal length from Amazon. I understand the IPD (pupillary distance), but am unsure about the measure for the slot and visor width. Should I just use your default for the slot and visor widths since there is no difference in screen size based on the Otterbox case?

You're welcome, and I hope everything works great for you!

And yeah, the defaults fit with the visor I have posted. 149mm visor width, 10mm slot width.

If somebody is using a smaller Dive visor, like the Diveboard or something, they'd want to change visor width to 125mm.

Really nice model, but I had to open it in blender to change the height of the slot. Could you add that as a variable? Thanks!

I'm not sure what you mean. Isn't that covered by "Slot Width"?

Or is there something else you're adjusting for?

Changing Slot Width just made the part taller. (so wider in the direction that it slides to change focus.) I needed to adjust the thickness of the slot slides (The slot on my headset is about twice as wide as yours.)

It does make it taller, but it makes that block wider as well.

All the same, I've changed it to rev 03, which no longer makes it taller. It was intended to keep it stable in a wider slot, but I've gotta admit, it looks pretty silly when that value is doubled!

I am too trying with lens of 40.5 mm. Thanks for 40.5 stl.
Request to upload stl for 40.5 mm with IPD 60 mm

This is why it is customizable. Open it in Customizer (the button right above "Download This Thing") and make the changes you need.

Make sure the width is appropriate for your visor. If you're using mine, the settings are already right, but if you're making something from the OpenDive or DiveBoard, you'll want to set it for narrower.