by Zomboe Feb 13, 2011
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I've printed 3 of the Balloons and thought I'd share some interesting results I've had when using the same gcode printing 3 balloons in a row, red-green-red, using http://3dprinterstuff.com3dprinterstuff.com red and makerbot green. The red cracked at the exact same height on the same outer supports, the green was nearly flawless. The strings did a great job suspending the broken part though letting it finish. On an gcode note, all 3 suffered 3 bad strings in the exact same place/way due to the nozzle path.

Awesome prints! I am glad to see the green worked out well. This is probably my favorite thing I've designed so I'm really happy to see someone else print it!

On my prints I had several bad strings where skeinforge generated the gcode with the extrusion starting/stopping in mid-air, rather than at the supports. I am curious if you ran into the same issue. In my case it was more than 3 bad strings though.

So I went back to look at the model and was su
rprised to find that the strings were much narrower than I had thought, narrower than my filament width. I fixed that and made some small changes to try to get skeinforge to slice it better. In the end, the biggest improvement was turning off infill, which finally seemed to give perfect string pat
hs. I altered the base to compensate using concentric octagons.

Unfortunately my 3D printer is not working well and I need to re-calibrate it due to new hot-end, filament, and firmware. So I've held off posting the new STL file until I've printed it. I can post it now though if you're interested

I would love to try the new version, I'm planning to print at least a couple more. I will probably be putting up a derivative of your thing here soon where I turn the balloon upside down and make it into an ornament (I have some special stuff planned, just wait and see!). Thanks for this, it's one of the coolest things I've printed! (It's also a great test of calibration and printing tall objects)

Thank you, I'm glad you like it!

I've uploaded the new file, sorry for the delay. Let me know if you notice any differences in the way it slices or prints.

In general, I've found it challenging at times to get Skeinforge to put single filaments exactly where I want them. It's sort of a different problem than the general case o
f slicing relatively large solid objects. If anyone has any tips or tricks I would be happy to hear them!

I want to try the new version, too. I'm using a TOM MK7.

This is possibly the most ridiculous print I've seen.