16mm round boom mount to replace DJI plastic arms

by wayno_complaino Jan 14, 2015
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kork123 has done a remix making repairs, use his ;-)


This thing is not a solid according to sketchup.
When i tried printing before i checked in sketchup i experienced layer shifting.

@kork123 - Check out the remix I just posted of this object. It's a solid now.

Oh and worth noting that i reamed out the hole with a 16mm drill bit.

Thanks for the comments. Not sure on the space between. I don't have the Disco anymore. The 'footprint' isn't any bigger than the original DJI arm though so space shouldn't be reduced.

i m wondering if the battery passes through untill spacers......because there are some good but longer batteries to fil...
whats the space between the 2 mounts in the inside....???
thanks nice job

I have got to hand it to this guy! These are the least complex 16mm cf arm mount for a dji on thingiverse and work awesome! Easy to print and fit perfectly. Though i was wondering why you created a stop in the back section of the bracket. I added a small screw to mine to hold the tube so it can't spin. Though didn't have the issue yet even avoid it down line!. Much props for the nice simple good working design!

This printed out nicely, except, in the clamp section, towards the back, there's a rise in the bottom that doesn't allow the tube to slide all the way in. Nothing that my dremel can't take care of. It's about 10mm from the edge. Any chance you can post the sketch file or correct this issue??

Yours have a nice simplistic design, how durable are they? Can you spin the booms after they are tight?
I like this design...

That is my design! Thanks for the compliment. I should post my files...

I designed in Sketchup, don't know about any other CAD software. You should be able to just open the .stl in your slicing software to print without need to edit first.

So my carbon fiber came in and I went to print these. I am getting a flipped surface that just doesn't repair. I have tried to repair in netfabb and simplify3d. It's funny since it doesn't show in 123D. I did try reexporting it in 123D but that didn't work either. Has anyone got it to be a solid?

I designed my own specific for my motors, im not keen on posting them as there are so many motor variations. There is also a lot of off the shelf 16mm boom motor mounts out there that will do a good job.

What kind of motor mounts are you using with this modification? I've searched thingiverse for some. I'll design my own if I have to but I'd rather not.

As far as printing these, I'm using 50% infill and plan on acetone smoothing these. The layer orientation results in a weakened strength for the clamp part of these and acetone smoothing will fuse the layers more thoroughly.

Strength seems fine as long as there is enough support material and the wall thickness isn't too thin. I've used the original TBS hardware.

Thanks for these. I have been looking for something like this. How is the strength? Are you still using the DJI 2.5mm bolts?

25-30%, its gotta have some meat to it.

How much infill do you use?