Tiny Flex Extruder Bowden Variant

by tkramm Jan 15, 2015
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Can you point me to these libraries? (or upload them if yours)

WARNING: Can't open library 'nema17.scad'.
WARNING: Can't open library 'iso_thread.scad'.
WARNING: Can't open library 'bearing_624.scad'

Cpuld you please provide assembly instructions. i have printed it but no idea what to do with the small bits

Two of the small parts are the spacers for the arm as seen in the pictures. The other two are not needed for the bowden variant, those are spacers for the fan on the direct drive version ... its just the same file for the direct drive and the bowden version

Thanks for the nice design. How do you print the lever without support?

It takes me 2 days to find this design . I was told that Kossel/ delta was not compatible with flexible filament from a remote filament feeder. I saw some youtube that it can be done but no details can be found. Can I have more info about flex(flexible PLA, TPU) printing setup ? Do I need to enlarge my hotend nozzle size to 0.5mm ......Thanks very much!

Could you please post the source? I want to use this with an MK8 Drive gear.

Added the Openscad source.

Hi, I like your extruder, could you share the source? I want to use it with a 9mmOD gear, or does it fit?
Thanks ;)

You would have to adjust it in some spaces, but 9mm could fit I think. The source file is a big mess, which I wanted to clean up before publishing, but if you write me a mail (tkrammATdatensucht.de) I can send you the files.

Cant fit the MK7 inside (OD 12 mm) it needs 2 mm less to fit :S How have you been able to introduce that drive gear? Thank you

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Where can i buy the drive gear? It doesn't ship to Norway from the specified link :)

I asked them and they said they would send to Norway, just write them a email. You can find the drive gear also on http://www.reprapdiscount.com and https://www.reprapsource.com

Thank you sir.