X4 Racer micro quadcopter

by alpinedrones Jan 15, 2015
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will the scisky fit in this ? if not can you make one just like this one that will..

Did everyone who got this working use the stock motors that came with the Hubsan? 2 motors had long enough wire to work, but stretched very, very tight. The other two are at least 2mm away from working, stretched to the point of almost breaking. It's all stock, pulled right out of a Hubsan, plus I tried new replacement motors from Hubsan and those are too short also. I double checked dimensions and the print is dead on, so a little lost why I'm coming up short. Any ideas?

I used hubsan motors, but had to add extenders

Looks great and is a great flier. I did have to trim for a slight right roll but not much. very fast and light! I use pla since my printer isn't liking abs right now. once I get a new gear in I'll go abs and see how it is! great job alpine!

Flies great. A lot of fun. Can I get the model files I would like to update to add a Spektrum Micro mount to the front. I would also like to try and rotate the motors for 10 degrees.

whey i tried to hover , it center of gravity constanst flips forwar with the two motor. How come what i am doing wrong?

I had the same problem and then realized I put all the motors in the wrong spot. Basically had my controller board upside down. When i flipped it over, and put the motors in the correct spots, it flew fine.

it flips over? in my first flights I had to trim a little bit, but I flew absolutely well. are motor polarity and rotor positions correct? maybe you should try to reset the gyros with the stick combination

Hi! This looks awesome! I'm just a little curious about the arrangement of the motors (I'm new to quadcopters and whatnot). The regular Hubsan X4 case has the motors in an "X" like arrangement, in which all are equidistant from the body and from each other. Does changing the arrangement like you have done here affect how stable it is or it's ability to hover? Or does it still fly just as well (or better) than the regular Hubsan body? Thanks so much!

Hi. The flight controller sits (close enough) in the center of gravity and thrust. This body hovers extremely well (because it's a bit larger than the original X4 body) and flies well. It's different to fly, but not more difficult. I'd say and this is my personal opinion that it flies better than the original one. I'd be glad to hear about your impressions.

i agree, flies better. the C/D bodies are just too heavy. I got this in at 29.3 grams in pla with a 350mah battery in tow! this thing zips!!!

Do you got movies when you got this thing flying? And how much is the weight?

It's not heavy at all, about 5.5g printed with quite solid settings of ABS. Unfortunately I don't have any videos of it flying yet.