by Renosis, published

Revolver by Renosis Feb 13, 2011

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This is a replica of a revolver. Not really sure what kind of revolver but, I got some of the dimensions from a page showing the specs for a Ruger SP101 (This was the first thing that popped up on a google search for "snub-nose revolver"). The cylinder spins but there are no other moving parts. This is my second design and if I tried to get carried away with over engineering it, I would have never finished it.


First things first, the warnings, be responsible with this, it's obviously not a real gun, but I wouldn't recommend bringing it in public, you might get shot by someone who thinks it's real. Also, I know alot of you, like me, used to play with toy guns as kids. Times have changed, so don't give one of these to your kids. He will bring it to school and show it off to his friends and probably get in all kinds of trouble. Use your head.

Print in fluorescent red ABS only!

Print at YOUR OWN RISK, Neither the creator of this object nor www.thingiverse.com is responsible for anything that happens to you because you printed this object!

Ok, sorry about all that, but it had to be written.

Print one of each part, glue them together. Get a piece of filament and stick it through the cylinder and into the two holes on the body and the cylinder will revolve. If you are printing with a raft, make sure you make proper adjustments because the body and the grip are rather big and the raft may go over the edge.

My printer isn't calibrated very well, so my print didn't go very well, I used a raft and some of my corners warped any way. I bet someone with a finely tuned machine could print a much nicer copy then mine.

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Do you need supports for the body?

Does the cylinder spin when you pull the trigger?

less appealing gun in the universe

I'v been looking around for someone with replica guns to print. My friends prefer Glocks over Revolvers, and I am the other way around. With this replica, I can finally we happy when we run drills, and its safer than being behind someone with an airsoft gun that's angry at you. Lots of ice.


I have a collection of both models and props on my profile if you want more fake guns.

I just love it, look at the stats for this thing. Out of 5441 views, 5342 people download it! Thats like 98% of everyone! Just goes to show that people love guns. So lets be realistic and just give everyone guns, because we are never going to be able to stop people from having them. Lastly, I wouldnt be surprised if this was the most downloaded thing of all time, based on percentage.

Yes we love our guns. If you don't, I mean this in the nicest way possible, please move to somewhere that doesn't have them. You'll be happier and we'll be happier. Everyone wins! Thanks.

What's fun is that we're cheating a shot for a music video and we need to see through the revolver's cylinder. Because a real one is too impractical, we're printing yours at a larger size
amp; slightly altered. Thanks for the help!

Awesome! It would be great to see pictures when you are done!

Renosis, I just tried making mine micro and found that the right grip is smaller than its left counterpart! I'll try and scale it, but was wondering if you have the same size part file laying around that you can upload?

Thanks! :)

Strange, I am not experiencing the same thing. If you are really concerned about it, there really is no difference between the left and right grip, they are the exact same shape just mirrored. So choose the side you like best (remember they are the same :) and just mirror it in your favorite software. That is all I did when I created the grip. Same for the body/trigger area, (with the exception of a little triangle I put on to make it look like a safety. Let me know if it doesn't work out for you.

Awesome, will do! Thanks :-D

Yeah.....so kids can afford 3D printers can they? and it is of great concern that even if they did they could what? produce something they could just as easily buy in toy shop anyway? think realistically. Also how is he supposed to be responsible for someone elses actions, if someone printed one of your designs and then were to poke themself in the eye with it would that make it your fault?

Yep, I can afford one.

And no, not every minor is a responsible person.

But to be honest, I don't give a shit if someone else manages to Darwin-award himself with his printer.

Perhaps the world is better off without that person. From an evolutionary point of view, anyway.

It would be cool if the trigger mechanism rotated the rounds like a real revolver but not sure how that mechanism would be printed. The print turned out nice I'll have to try this one. I don't think thingiverse should remove anything weapon related since its not illegal. There are plenty of rubber band guns on here already, its what makes open source collaboration great

Even though I don't like weapons. I do believe this is only an ABS replica. If we block this guys model whats next? Now If this site was about CNC Milling then we have a problem. I have a Sherline 5400 CNC Mill and I would never think about machine that does different types of soft metal very easily and would never think of machining that thing out. I would print it in every color except black though. My point is that if we don't protect this guys creativity and right to upload who will protect ours? I like the design and show off what the Makerbot is capable of. But human who judge are capable of far worse things than a plastic gun that we can pick up at any dollar store.

Are the left/right parts perfectly symmetric? You could save time by using the same Gcode and inverting an axis.

The left and right sides of the grip are the same and I did just that, mirrored in rep g then saved. Uploaded it anyway just in case someone doesn't know how to do that. Also, the grip is rather big and it took a few tries to get it to fit on my build platform with a raft, so it may be better to use the one I posted unless you want to spend the time figuring out the orientation. The body has one small difference, the left side has a small triangle on it that was supposed to be the safety.

Nice model, this could also be used in martial arts and self defense classes as an alternative to the rubber guns.

Thanks! I suppose it could be used for that. Depends on how well you glue it though. Yesterday someone tried to cock the one I printed and the hammer came unglued. If the hammer looks kind of like an after thought, that's because it kind of was. I really need to find a better way to make it fit on the model.

time to bust out of the joint again! FREEDOM!!!!

Lol, I thought of the same thing. Didn't John Dillinger escape a jail with a fake pistol made out of jailhouse toilet paper and shoe polish?

We actually used to have a rule against weapons in the TOS, but we removed it. As this item here proves, its a very touchy subject and its also very difficult to categories stuff exactly. Personally, I think the world has enough weapons and I'd be fine deleting all of them from Thingiverse.

Of course I just run Thingiverse, I don't control it.

It's just a toy gun.. People need to learn to lighten up.

When was this rule changed?

Once again, not a weapon. Thingiverse is awesome and thank you for that. Personally I think the world needs more weapons in the hands of the people, its a great deterrent against things like dictatorships, slavery, invasions by foreign countries, rapists, murderers, ext....


you have no understanding of normal human common sense when stating something like that.

With all due respect for a creator of this site and I do thank you for creating this site, I must say this:

My opinion on this is there is nothing morally wrong with this model. And I am glad that the rule was removed from the TOS because I feel like it would be a direct contradiction to the spirit of this community. I mean, I feel there should be some censorship on this site, because I personally do no
t want to look at
paticularly profane things, while searching for something to make on my 3d printer. But I don't think censoring a model of a gun should be necessary. That's just one mans opinion though.

Thanks again for creating this site!

If you plan on takin' this into the light of day in L.A., better print/paint this fluorescent orange. Ain't' no foolin'; a homie got wasted holdin' a garden hose nozzle last month. :(

Don't hate the print; hate the blind fearful police-society!

If someone is dumb enough to print this and use it for some kind of self defense, they are going to get themselves killed. This should only be used as a prop.

Lol, no kidding.

Yeah, I didn't design this with self defense in mind.

Wasn't there a rule against weapons in the terms of service?

I remember there being one but I can't find it anymore.

(I strongly dislike weapons and replicas not easily identified as pure toys in the hands of common people.)

The "common people" shouldn't have weapons? Who should have them, the elites?

Nothing wrong with weapons, or firearms for that matter. Violence will happen with or without tools, no firearms? Then people will use knifes, none of those? Bats. None of those? Rocks, none of those? Fists.... ext... ext... Besides, this is a replica, not a weapon.

I know how you feel. I strongly dislike jerks. Especially ones who have no idea what they're talking about.

You mean like MarcusWolschon?

I think you are thinking of reprap's unofficial(?) rule against weapons: http://objects.reprap.org/wiki/WhatWouldYouMake#No_Weapons.21http://objects.reprap.org/wiki... But that is weapons, this isn't a weapon - it's a replica.

First of all Terms of Service doesn't say anything about weapons. Second.... it's not a weapon.

third.. there are 19 things tagged "gun" on thingiverse :-E

nice work on this, now if we could get the trigger to work and load in some caps like these

I know right.... I so wanted to make more parts move. Like I wanted to be able to eject the cylinder and cock it and be able to use the trigger. Being able to load in caps would be awesome. I am just not up to the task yet. If enough people like it I might do a new one that snaps together instead of requiring glue and has more moving parts. I just didn't want to bite off more than I could chew. Now that I know some of the things I will run into and the limitations, a more feature laden copy is within reach.

how is this a weapon? are you supposed to throw it at someone?

I wish I saw this before my production of Sondheim's Assassins in October. THat would have helped my prop budget!