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by MakeALot Jan 17, 2015
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We had MUCH better results using the specs you generated. Thanks so much for sharing. Is there a way to add a hanger?

Great, I'm glad to hear it worked well for you. Please share a picture the designers on here like to see what people do with the work we provide for free :)

We're trying again with your specs. I'll let you know if it works. Can't thank you enough.

We have the same machine. By on-end, do you mean that the lithopane is printed upright instead of flat? If so, what keeps it from falling over?

It stands/prints quite happily on its edge.
The Lithophane has a border around the edge "Border (MM): 1.6" and is 10 mm thick and 199 mm long so it stood on a base 10 x 199 mm.
If you don't want a border, use the tool, specify a base and it will attach a base to the lithophane so that it will print on edge without a border.
If you want the base going out the back specify a negative number. http://3dp.rocks/lithophane

Thanks so much for your quick response. I'll go over this with our media specialist (public school) and see if we can get better results.

OK, your lithopane looks far better than ones I've attempted. Which Makerbot are you using? Do you have issues with stringy fibers? Is the backing hard to remove? Thanks in advance for your advice.

Printed on a Replicator 2 standing on edge The original image is 2048x1536 pixels, the Lithophane tool was set to
Max Size (MM): 199, Thickness (MM): 10, Border (MM): 1.6, Thinnest layer (MM): 0.8, Vectors per Pixel: 5, Base/Stand depth: 0
The printer was set to 10 perimeters (i.e. never fill)
There was very little stringing, the image shows the output without any cleanup.
I didn't use any raft (I assume this is the "backing" you refer to)
Hope that helps :)

I used your script to generate a lithograph of my own. It came out amazingly well! Thank you very much for providing this tool, I have been looking for a while for a good method of converting photos into 3D printable artifacts.

You're welcome, I'm glad to hear it worked well for you, thanks for letting me know.

I went to your link but am having some problem interpreting the procedure. . I do not see a way to save as a stl file. the automatic download seems to start but hangs up 80% . Could you clarify for me?

I assume that you are using IE or Safari, both of these browsers limit the ability to download files and you have to change your security settings. You will have more luck if you use Chrome or FireFox.

Open the browser using the link, also open the folder containing the image, click on the image and while still holding the button, drag it across to the browser window and over the area at the bottom of the tool website. The dotted line around the drop area will turn green, drop it on the panel (let go of the mouse button). Once you have set the parameters for the generated lithophane, click on the image that you dropped onto the bottom panel and it will be converted to an STL and the file will download automatically. see: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Drag_and_drop for more information on 'Drag and Drop'.

nice.. my grandfather helped to build the original (whats there now isnt the original but a remarkable restoration of it) .. My dad will enjoy this print .. thanks!

That's nice to know, thanks!