hypotrochoid business card (spirograph style)

by adafruit May 26, 2009
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Can someone share an STL?
Thank you

Might I be able to get an STL version?


Thanks for the hard work put into this!
See if I can print it, with my 3d printer...

I am planning a lesson integrating art and math. Would anyone have the ability to make me 15 of these for my students? They would be so thrilled to have one each to take home. I could pay you a small fee and cover the shipping if possible! Thanks so much - these look so neat!

This is very cute :) I cut one of these in some scrap acrylic! It's been years since I've played with a spirograph, thank you!

Nice, i thought of something similar a few months ago when i was messing with making gears, although my intention was more of a free Spirograph i could give to my nephew to play with, good stuff turning it into a business card

I saw this only now, but it's utterly wonderful. Can't wait to have a laser cutter available!

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Spirograph on a business card-- I salute you, ma'am!

oh no, qcad (and the renderer based on qcad) is totally choking on the dxf file. :(

OK I uploaded a few more versions of the files but each one has its own issues. I dunno. Download them all and see which one renders. Go standards!