Rubber band powered boat

by MrFox Jan 18, 2015
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Great little boat mate!

How about a little tab on the axle to hold the rubber band?? I think I will add that to mine! :)

Nice idea though! Very cool.

Thats what i was thinking

Thank you, I'm glad you like it !
I tryed to print the axle with a little hook for the rubber band, but my 3D printer is not accurate enough (its quality is so low that I couldn't even print the shaft : on the photo, it's a red pen's cartridge ...)

If you succeed in printing one with a little tab, share a photo of the made object as a "remix" !

I am thinking of printing it and using elastic thread (from sewing). It is less powerful, but might give a longer and more even propulsion.

I can't get the axis to print? Help!

The shaft is very small. If your printer's quality is not very high, you can't print it correctly.
You can for example use an empty cartridge of a pen instead (like I did on the photos).

I will probibaly add a gear to the shaft and motorize it

Excellent idea ! ;)

Comments deleted.

my axle dosnt fit in my wheels what did i do wrong

This is absolutely normal : the square end of the shaft is exactly the same size than the square hole in the wheels.
You just need to file the axle's end or the wheel's inside with sandpaper to make them fit correctly.

Don't forget to share a photo of your make ;-)

Thanks for this. Looks like a good project to print with my daughter.

Any reason a hook couldn't be used on the shaft instead of tape?

Of course, you can use any system you want to attach the rubber band to the axis.
I personnally couldn't make a hook on it because of the low quality of my printer : on the photos, the axis is an empty cartridge of a red pen.