Hey! This thing is still a Work in Progress. Files, instructions, and other stuff might change!

new x-carriage for prusa i2 with fan duct for hot-end E3D_V6

by autorobotics Jan 21, 2015
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Hello Autorobotics,

I'm working on building this for an old Prusa i2. Is there a way I can see a more detailed view of the extruder itself soI can see what parts I will need? Also, what printed gears would you recommend?

On first look, I lIke this but within 5seconds I thought "why isnt there a doiuble channel inset so it will accept the 40mm extruder fans that came on our i2?" That wouldve been a simple adjustment comparable to the pop-out sim / mini-sim holder.

thanks.....very good idea. I will change that and upload the data next days ;-)

Hurray! and I will hopefully be printing that new design very soon :)
When I have another brainwave,... I'll let you know lol!

I made a little change in data for the carriage with j-head-hot-end... please have a look at that data, if that could be a suitable solution also for the E3D_V6-hotend.... I will do the changes soon also for E3D_V6.

I think perhaps the E3dV6 came on the reprap prusa i3? Mine is certainly a bog standard JHead, currently blocked, I didnt see the original fan holder but it looks like it's still a one fan size fitting? Im going to redesign my filament feed assembly so if it breaks it can be quickly fed back in all the way into the heated chamber so you can do it with your eyes shut. Love your air chute tho : )

O.K.... now the data is in the folder.... please have a look for the new design of the fan-holder for 50x50 and 40x40 fans.
But it is not to break the structure, cause it will be too filigree without stability. So please have a look and give me your opinion about that design ;-)

Hi, I just printed all out and it actually looks pretty nice... one problem I found is that my old guidler is not fitting, so which idler (with or without filament guide) were you planning to use on this? cheers!

did you try the idler from my thing files (please have a look to the complete carriage for prusa mendel i2 (not that one for E3D_V6), but for the j-head-hot-end. This idler should work with the extruder holder!

I will have a look at this later this day. I guess that one will fit without problems.


Hi powerarcs,

do you have a picture with your idler and what doesn´t fit....?
(which components did you combine?)

The idler I usually use is one with a filament guide made to fit greg's wade extruder:

Guidler for a Gregs Wade.

My Lm8UU = 15,04mm

The size is good, I think we need a fixing system similar to this one:


You see, 2 rilsan collar by bearing, it's realy strong :)


I have done the changes in the carriage for fixing the lm8uu with cable tie.... please have a look at the files in thingiverse... Extruder for E3D_V6

Hi, I printed all the parts,
Im waiting my order aluminum extrusion.
Once the Mendelmax will be mounted I'll post the result :)

thanks for your reply.... I am curious about it!

Realy good work, thank you :-)

Hi Xaero76, thank you!!! Keep me informed, if it works... perhaps you can post some pictures ;-)

O.K..... I know the solution using cable ties.... but I do not really like that one. But of course there is nothing which breaks away
;-).... I will change that in the beginning of next week, cause I do not have any time this weekend... sorry!
Wish you a nice weekend!

Hi Xaero76,

I think the holes are too small.... it looks like all fixing points are broken.... that seems for me, that it´s a problem of the diameter of the holes. Can you measure the diameter? (of course it is no problem to strengthen that points, but maybe, if
the holes are too small, it will break more after additional strengthening!