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by ericthepoolboy Jan 22, 2015
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Someone remind me that prior to just printing crap, i should read the details to see if b.o.m. and instructions are present...

my batteries are getting very hot.
what could be the problem?

Just a re-post of a previous comment: here is a wiring diagram: http://cdn.instructables.com/FOK/1HDA/GHHILR6T/FOK1HDAGHHILR6T.MEDIUM.jpg

Thanks TheBlackJack!

Can you put a schematic of the connections please ?

Please. It would be a huge help.

where does the current on-off switch go?

Very nice im making one myself i would just like to make the wiring clear our fellow makers. First of the toggle switch is dpdt it needs two have 6 pins and the micro switch has 3 pins com, n/c, n/o. Batery wires connect to the 2 centre pins on the switch. Then you connect the top left pin to the bottom right pin on the switch and also to the one side of the servo motor. Then you connect the top right pin from the switch to com on the micro switch. Then you connect n/c from the micro switch to the bottom left pin on the switch and also to the remaining side of the servo motor. And thats it done.

Thanks for this great design! A friend who is into RC planes had a servo that fit, just 1mm to narrow, so I modified the servo to match the screw holes in the box. No markings what so ever on the servo, so I have no idea of what I have used.. But it works! Modified the switch by filing down the metal rod as described, and used the schematic linked in a comment below. No modification what so ever needed to the printed parts. Paper clips in the battery compartment for contact. A bit fiddly to assemble, but I think the hardest part was finding small enough screws! I ended up using some screws from an old cellphone.

Hi everyone!

I would require some help to make this box.
I bought the parts but I have no idea how to assemble them :D

I mean, I don't know how to modify the servo like it is said in the description, as long as I don't know many things about servos, and I don't understood how are the batteries connected with the servo/toggle..
Furthermore, I don't know how to connect the servo, because it looks like this for the moment : http://hpics.li/9a37034

If someone could help me, I would be very grateful because I really would like to build this.

Thanks for a compact and simple box!

In case it helps a future maker: I had a problem with a servo being underpowered for the toggle switch (not enough muscles to flick the switch at 3V). Inside the metal rod on the the switch there's a tiny spring. I shortened that spring by 2-3 loops and now the switch is much easier to toggle and the servo can cope. I've made this box with another servo where I didn't have this problem, but now I had ran out of servo options (and time to order a new one).

hey people, one could remixing for SG90 micro tower servo size. with a view that is more popular servo that everyone uses.

Could I use micro servo SG90?

I would probably be too big.

Lol this is sew cool

Great job!
Can you post the files apart? Thanks by advance.

After having wasted the time and filament to print this, I am super disappointed. I have spent too much time trying to decipher the vague wiring diagram, and had to re-engineer the box because the servo I bought doesn't fit. The designer didn't include a parts list, so you're on your own if you trying to get the right parts for this. The designer didn't even include a picture of the ENTIRE circuit inside the box, and no instructions whatsoever as how to modify the toggle switch.
I hate being negative, but if the designer had just made the instructions a bit clearer and included a parts list, I would be happy.

11 people have made it with only the instructions provided. If you want to print something with better instructions, try my other things.


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What do you expect. He uploaded the design for free for anyone to print. It shouldn't be that hard to figure out. You could at least say thanks for the design instead of complaining

does anyone know the model number of the servo?
I'd like to get the right one

Hi davesaint88, no I do not know the exact model number but I would assume any 4.3g servo off of eBay would work. I will be done with the box today and I will tell you what I used. :)

Ready to build. Do you have the schematic or a diagram. Even some more pictures please? Something...
You forget that some of us are not as smart as yourself - hence why we beg for instructions :)
Please share the knowledge!

Please post the wiring diagram and maybe a pix w/the servo removed so we can see how the inner switch is installed...

Really looking farward to making this ;3


I've just printed this and I'd love to build it. Do you have the schematic for how to wire this together?

Many thanks,