Scale Mail Armor

by Prot0typ1cal Jan 23, 2015
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Working on a set of this right now, and as an alternative to ShabbyPrints tip to use a soldering iron, a jet flame lighter is fantastic for spot heating the arms! A quick burst is all that's needed to soften them enough. I've been bending them just enough to make it easy to get the pieces hooked together, and then heating them again to fully close them. It goes very quickly this way, took me about 20 minutes to assemble a section of about 24.

if printed at a high enough infil, say 25% with 3 walls, could this be used for LARP?

Don't think you'll ever get infill, as the part is not thick. It'll probably hold up to a beating for Live Action Role Playing, just use padding underneath.

I'm printing this with silver PLA and it looks fantastic so far! A quick tip for future printers, use a soldering iron to soften up the arms. Don't touch the filament, but slowly moving the iron near it is enough to soften the arms up. It's also much more accurate, and faster than using a heat gun or the heated bed.

Happy Printing!

That's a nice looking silver. What brand is it?
And yea, thanks for posting your make :)

It's StrongHero3D. I'd say it's more of a gunmetal grey than a true silver. About a third way through the spool there was a spot where the filament was too thin to be pulled by the filament drive gear and I lost a batch of scales. I'd give it a 3.5 out of 5. Decent price though.

Would you be able to wrap them around a forearm or shin? I’m considering using this for a cosplay in the future and was just curious if it could work. Thanks

Absolutely. If anything you can scale it down to fit tighter curves, smaller arms/shins.
Check out the MADE section, there's a gal with golden pauldrons (shoulder guards).


Scale Mail Armor

Thanks again! When/if I complete the it, I’ll be sure to post it.

Cool, I'm trying this thing with Blue PLA - going to make some kind of armor and only then post pictures

Could you possibly make a video tutorial on how you add the scales together? I have never tried anything like this and am a bit confused.
I'm also wondering what all the different design's purposes are.

This kind of looks like the cloth that Solaire of Astora wears around his shoulders

What are link, edge, and leaf for?

Link is ti finish link rows that dont need more scales. like at the bottom.

Edge is pretty much to make an edge with no arm/loop sticking out.

Leaf is for adding that last line in the bottom, I believe

Great, now you've done it! I'm gonna have to print a zillion of these to make a full suit...

BTW, by adjusting the scale of the scale in the X and/or Y, can create a better contoured fit.
Of course, unless they're marked/labelled, may be difficult to keep track of where they go...
Call it "Engineered armor".

For people with problems heating it, if used PLA, you can use a hairdryer for heating it, it worker for me.

Will the arms soften up to do this if it's printed in ABS? I just found this but would like to get it printed tonight ready for a thing tomorrow and I only have green ABS

ABS requires a little more heat, so hot water may not be enough. Should still bend with a heat gun, soldering iron (don't touch it to the ABS), or blow torch (the butane variety).

Uploaded a zip file containing IGES and Parasolid X_T formats, plus a "SHORTY". Have fun storming the castle!

This is awesome! A friend of mine wants me to make him a shirt out of this, but he wants it a little more condensed. Could you upload a version with a shorter loop (the part where they clip together) or upload a file I could use to edit it myself? Thanks! I uploaded a picture of some that I printed, and will upload a picture of the shirt once made.

I am going to have to start printing a bunch of these to make armor for my grand kids. Very cool idea.

this would be perfect for steel filled pla filament

I'm thinking of making a shirt of armor for my fiance. Any chance of a video showing off how you shaped and assembled these? I'm having difficulty picturing it.

Thx smokeandlights :)

Heating and bending the tabs are an innovation I hope people appreciate.

I certainly do - I had this exact idea. Now I'm glad I googled for a bit before I spent all my time modeling it.