Catan Pieces As Starcraft And Warcraft Figures

by RecklessRobbie Jan 23, 2015
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Just as a note: Don't print the Orc all at once, because the extruder has to vibrate it makes the roads extremely vulnerable to lifting, and it's even happened to the A base once or twice for me.

Where's the Night elves? Otherwise looks great!

I tried making Night Elves but ran into 2 problems.
The first one is that there isn't much difference between the different levels of the buildings.
The second is that the top heaviness and arms make it hard to print.
Which is a bummer because I would have really liked to have all Warcraft 3 races in there.

I think I have a solution, with two options. The roads shouldn't be a problem either way, so I won't talk about those. 1: You could use an Ancient of War as the town and tree of life as the city, or 2: The better solution. You could use a tree of life (simplified so it's basically just a really fat tree with a face) as the town, and then the actual model as a city, but with the arms touching the ground. That would also explain why you couldn't slap the robber when he comes for you.

I see, and that does make sense. To solve the first you could choose a different building that looks similar to the tree of life but isn't it, then have the tree of life for the B base. But as for the arms, I don't know how to fix that either, except for using supports. Overall I think it could work but it would take more precision and work that the other races would, and would be a little off from the uniform.

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Amazing, what kind of paints do you use for this job?

And you will also want to use a plastic primer before painting.

Just normal acrylic paint. Just get a super small brush or use a wash for the hard to get to parts.

Awesome idea! Looks good too. Good job, mate!

That makes sence. I made Terran first and realized I had over detailed that. For the rest of them it was a fun process of figuring out what details were important and which ones to ignore. Thanks!

No no no, just saying the detail loss is unfortunate, looks good otherwise.

No no no, just saying the detail loss is unfortunate, looks good otherwise.

Really? That's odd. I sized them to match the size of the normal Catan pieces.

That's pretty fricken awesome man. Wayyyy too small though.

I don't know. They seem to be about the right size, and unless they're overly huge or overly tiny they should work, even if they're not the actual size of the pieces, but those weren't circular, so it's hard to make them match exactly.