Starship Enterprise

by sitts314 Mar 23, 2013
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Hey is there any chance that you designed this in solid-works, and if so can I get the original files? I want to modify it to have LED's in the engines and mount to a wall wart to serve as a nightlight.

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i try print now the ship...
how can attach deflector with hull?
what is best solution?

I use a piece of filament. You may need to drill a small hole to get a good fit.

thanks, now i see dimension of the hole, are the same,
compliments for the ship, has a high optimization

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I also tried printing at 50% the size. Still needed ears. Mostly still works fine, except the filament hole shrinks even more of course.

Please excuse this noob question, but are "ears" the same as "rafts". I haven't heard of those before.

"Ears" are helper disks. It's an option in Makerware and it's somewhere on Thingiverse, but I can't find it at the moment. It's a little disk of plastic that you put down at the edge of your model. Then it helps hold the model to the bed, and you can also use it to help pull the model off the bed. Very handy.

A remark from Joseph Chui reminded me to try ears. This was easier to do from Makerware, so I used that. Ears prevented the model from detaching from the base, but it did cause some cracking in the model itself, in the saucer section. I filled in the cracks with some ABS strands and acetone.
The pylon/nacelle fit is quite good.
One thing about the ears, they also filled in the hole for the filament that holds the deflector dish. But, the hole was too small anyway. Also, I had to print the deflector dish with support. It's behind the dish, so you don't see it too much.
Next trick will be to trim off the ears, neatly. I need a better pair of diagonal cutters.

A great looking model. But the hull parts warped too much to fit together, when printed in ABS. Tried ABS since it glues better. Guess I will try PLA next.

Thanks. Good to know. I haven't tried printing it yet but I will soon. I plan to use PLA also. Did the pylons fit into the nacelles ok?