Catan Brick Tiles - Warcraft Inspired

by RecklessRobbie Jan 24, 2015
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The pieces were designed for my first 3D printer which was an XYZ that had a tendency to print things wider than it should. So, that is probably why your pieces fit looser than mine. I will be interested to hear if the water pieces are able to solve this problem. Could you print two of the small water connectors together and let me know if they lock together. If they don’t I’ll upload some that have tighter tolerances.

I based how many pieces I had off of the expansion that I have. I don’t know if I lost some along the way and didn’t notice. The board I have is 3x4x3x4x3x4. I assumed since it is symmetrical it must be right but looking online now I see that you are totally correct. I’m glad I now know that but I’m partly frustrated because just finished a case for the set and I have no idea where to fit 3 more pieces. Ow well Thanks

Also I don't know if this was intentional or not but you only have 5 wheat, sheep, and lumber. There are suppose to be 6 each of those. Which is fine I'll just double up on one for each of those but I noticed your assembled board was missing that too. Again if that's just the way you play that's fine. But for people who want to have all the pieces of the 5-6 player expansion they will need to print an extra wheat, sheep and lumber. And also one extra small section of water.

So I'm printing these. Got through all the forests, pastures, and almost through all the farms. My only complaint is that while looking at the files you would think the pieces fit together like a jigsaw and wont come apart when assembled... they do. The slightest push in the right direction on one hex actually causes the whole board to twist apart. Maybe if the tolerances were perfect it wouldn't come apart. But in my experience they don't properly interlock and there is enough room for the arms of the hex to slide through the area for it. In other words you don't have to lift the pieces to put it together or take it a part, just slide them around which makes it easy to accidentally slide them around.

Now with all that said I still haven't printed the water parts and perhaps when those are put together it wont be as bad. But just a heads up for anyone thinking that the hexes interlock.

Please only take this as constructive criticism. Overall I do like your work and I am still continuing to print these as I type this.