Penrose Triangle Illusion

by chylld Feb 19, 2011
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why did u have to screw my mind up

Clever! I have never seen it done this way. Thanks for sharing

It is not your Invention!
The 3D-modle Is a invention of Mr. Francis Tabary! Magician and Artist.


Please dont say it is yours!

Some beautiful work there by Francis! He is one of many 'inventors' of the same shape.

difficult to get the correct lighting and angle but its pretty cool

Hey! I am a high school student in NY. I 3D printed this penrose triangle and I was wondering if you could share the coding of it with me. I need it for a project I'm doing. I would really appreciate it, thank you!

It's all manual 3D modelling, no coding behind it. Feel free to share/modify/reverse-engineer under the "Attribution/Non-Commercial/Share-Alike" licence :)

It took me quite a few tries to get this to print properly, even scaled up to 150%, as I had ongoing issues with PLA warping up even with cooling. I wound up resolving the issue by switching from Slic3r to Cura. In Cura, I set the wall thickness to 0.5mm (I have a 0.5mm nozzle on my RRP Mendel), and also needed to use a brim to keep the print on the bed. This is more a limitation of my printer, but I thought I'd mention in case anyone else is trying to solve the same issue.

I am not a techy, I am a quilter. I went searching the internet for 3-d illusions and holy wow!!!! This blows my mind..... the idea that it can print in 3-d blows my mind again.

I am going to try to re-create the 3-d illusion in 2-d fabric ... if it works I will post a pic!

Maria that would be great - it should still work to a large extent :) Post the pic here when you're done!

Excellent rendition... magnanimous of you. Thank You.

where can I buy one of these!

Does he also own the copyright to the Star of David created in the middle of his 3D printed Penrose Triangle Illusion?

I know this is a late post, and although this sounds odd, the answer to your question is 1, no there is no Star of David in his design so 2, yes, he technically owns the Star of David. There is, by chance, a star of David at the center of the design of you tilt it a certain way. Think of the situation as you folding origami, and making a, say cross with your folds. This is made is Christianity's symbol, but only when you tilt your paper do you find the symbol. Therefore, chance overtakes the legal system, so there is no Star Of David in the design, it is only in your mind, almost like an optical illusion. On that sense, he owns your vision of the optical illusion, so yes, he owns [the file, not your print] the Star of David, science it is part of his design. If someone has any corrections for this, feel free to respond, but I believe I am right in saying that there is no Star of David, but he owns your image of the Star of David. Thanks for reading.

thats public domain.

Will someone add dice pips on this (like this http://www.moillusions.com/2007/05/impossible-dices-triangle-illusion.html)http://www.moillusions.com/200... and print me a copy so I can cast it in bronze? Print two and I'll cast one for the person who prints it also. I'm getting quite good at the bronze casting so it won't look shoddy. Contact me at @johngomm on twitter if you can help me out.

Awesome! Thanks a lot for sharing this great thing!

Made a short video of my print: http://post.ly/1fUFqhttp://post.ly/1fUFq

Thank you for your work!

I will have to have a go at printing this one in the morning as well.

Cool, thank you!

Anyone knows the weight of the printed model and can be so kind to post it?

Mine weighs 22 grams...

Thank you... it's great to know that a thing that costs so much (70
€, but probably it costs 20/40 € to the seller) on shapeways, we can print for less than one euro. And this is original and even better! ;)

I sense floaty magnet penrose triangle coming.. :

@nathan7 ...mmh cool idea :)

Love it, just firing up my ToM and going to print it with some green ABS, I post a pic when it's done.

Thanks for sharing your 2D to 3D mapping work flow!

Thanks for the support guys, it means A LOT.

I will have something even better for you all soon :)

Everyone should Flatter the hell out of this design and it's Author. I just did!!

Very nice. I'll be printing one this morning.