Market Stall

by Herrigold Jan 28, 2015
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I would recommend separating the files out by each piece part and letting the printer combine if necessary. I was unable to get a successful print as the further from center I get on my build plate, the worse things turn out.

Sorry it took so long, but I've done that now.

Probably a good idea. I'll take a look later.

Printed out 3 so far and they all turned out great! Have to do a little bit of cleanup but it's normal when you are fitting parts into one another. Now I just need to make stuff (Fruit-Veg) to go in the stalls!

Thanks a ton they look great on my D&D town table.

Any chance you can do an blacksmith shop or barn like this?

Thanks for the compliment! I'm glad you liked them. No plans for the barn or blacksmithy, sorry. I'm working on a crypt entrance at the moment, though!

It printed fine with mostly. but the stands for the awning prints merged as one piece. When I looked closer at it. IT printed exactly how the file shows it. So it printing properly just might need to look to see what the issue is.

love it great idea, what scale are they too?

They work for generic 28mm (Warhammer, Hordes, etc.)

Gonna try separating and moving them closer to the center of the platform. In the meantime, I'll post a make of the one I've got. I hid the bad prints behind angles and filters. lol

Sorry you're having issues. Mine printed just fine!

This is the most infuriatingly difficult print I've ever attempted... I just can't get the beams to print!

Freaking epic! Thank you!

Glad you like it! It's a fun, easy print. The awning might need a little glue.