Hey! This thing is still a Work in Progress. Files, instructions, and other stuff might change!


by tencent, published

Thingiviewer by tencent Mar 24, 2013



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Over the past month I have been working on a native Android 4.0+ client for Thingiverse. As I near an initial release ready state I need a few people to try out the application and make sure it works properly on more devices than just my Galaxy Nexus, Nexus 4, and Nexus 7.


If you would like to help, please use the "Send Message" link in my profile. Keep in mind I can only allow a few testers per the API limitations of unpublished applications and I am looking for users that have non Nexus devices for testing purposes.

Please list the device you intend to use for testing in your comment!

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Implement all stats seen on the dashboard, unfortunately some of this data is not available in the Thingiverse api.
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No results.

Where's the apk, I only get a current status txt

Well no luck with Thingiverse. Sorry guys guess they don't want it to happen as none of my emails have been responded to nor my support tickets.


It's a shame, app is working very good!
Perhaps they make one of there own.....

Still waiting on a response from the Thingiverse staff =(

In the meantime I rewrote the way I load images; I hope you like speed. Scrolling through the lists is wicked fast now. Hardly any loading indicators at all when on 4G or WiFi now.

Hello Ian,

No issues so far, app is working good!



Good to hear, thank you.

Still waiting on the Thingiverse support team to get back with me =(

Hey guys, I submitted about a week ago I believe maybe longer and I am still waiting for feedback. So hopefully the app will be live soon for anyone that took the time to like or follow the project.

Look forward to getting it out there and slowly working in the missing features!

So far the new version is working fine, no problems found.

Everything is loading quickly, nice and easy to use!

Send you an e-mail Ian for some graphics things I found (you probably already know), I cannot post images here.....

Thanks for the feedback. The image quality is a thorn in my side. I can get higher quality images but it will take an extra HTTP call per image to get them. I will probably do this for the home page but for lists, 1 page in the list turns into 31 network calls to load all of the data and images. Loading high res images would turn that into 61 network calls. I am trying to improve it though, I may start loading higher res images automatically for fast connections and stick to the low res faster options for slower connections.

New version has been emailed.

You can now view Collections and the Things associated to them.

Implementation of collections is on hold. Thingiverse API docs are incomplete and do not describe how to get collections by users making it pretty hard to view your own collections. All I can do right now is show you everyone's without any kind of sorting or filtering =(

I am out of town for the rest of the week so likely no updates until Tuesday.

Alright, latest update has been sent out to you guys. You can now Like Things =)

As noted it does appear Chrome now has an issue, I think this probably came about in one of the recent updates as it used to work and Chrome Beta still does work. I'll add a work around to this, in the mean time try using Chrome Beta or an alternate browser like Firefox (untested).

Okay so I uninstalled the Chrome updates and re-installed and now it works. Additionally I tried Chrome Beta again, Firefox, and Dolphin. Works in all of them now.

Great, looking into this it looks like Google broke Chrome intents.. for like the 3rd time. Yay.. Anyways, if you uninstall your Chrome updates, it works. Or alternately you can use Dolphin, Chrome Beta, or Firefox. I tested all of those as working.

Thanks Google! : sigh :

Install worked fine.
Already mentioned by Arvin, authorize won't work with Chrome browser.

On my device, images are not scaled, can only see a little part of the image.

The image scaling is to best fit the space, if you click on the images you will be shown the full resolution =)

I will be tweaking the initial image sizes a bit though and I will also look to add some sort of visual queue to make it obvious that the images of the thing can be clicked.

Clarification on usage:
Once the application is installed you will first need to authorize it. To do this, start the application and click the authorize button. Thingiverse will open in a web browser so you can login and approve the application. Once you click approve the browser window should close and you the Thingiviewer should open presenting the Home page of the application. If this does not happen, stop and contact me so we can work out whats happening. If any of this was unclear please let me know so I can identify how to make this process more intuitive to new users.

Once the application is open, you can swipe from the left hand side of your screen to the right to open the menu. Alternately clicking the back button at the top left of the screen opens the menu as well. The menu will let you navigate between major pages while clicking the images of Things will take you to the detailed Thing page where you can view images, description, instructions, and even download files.

Please let me know if I need to clarify further on any of this.

It installed on my Thrive just fine. Does not run on the Chrome browser but runs fine on the regular Browser.

Is this only being aimed at a thingiverse reader? Do you think there will be a later version where I can add the other sites I read?

I have emailed you back to try and clarify this further. Will update comment once resolved. Thank you.

I installed it and received a "Parsing Error" when installing the Thingiviewer.apk. I do have 'Unknown Sources' enabled.

As mentioned in my email, this is an error caused by having an old version of Android. In this case 2.3. Unfortunately this application will only work on Android 4.0+

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