Flip Lens Cap

by cheewee2000 Jan 28, 2015
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Could you add 37mm as well? Panasonic Lumix has a few lenses that are 37mm. Thanks in advance.

Can I get some information on how to model the threads? I'm a pretty good modeler, but I haven't worked with threads much, and I have a few ideas for some custom threaded attachments. I primarily use Fusion 360, mainly what I need to know is the types of dimensions/pitch/limits needed to recreate the threads at the proper size.

Or if you could upload just the threaded area of a 52mm in a format that preserves the size in millimeters when imported into programs, that's the only sizing I need. I can split the threads from the model on my own, but it does not load at the proper size, and it's hard to resize it exactly and I'd prefer it to be exact sizing for a good fit.

Just letting you know, someone took what looks a lot like your design and is starting a kickstarter campaign to produce these commercially...

thanks for sending! I'm sure I'm not the first to come up with the idea. I've seen it done on telescopes and binoculars for a long time.

hey so fair warning it doesnt stay shut that well for too long but its a small print so it shouldnt be an issue just print a new one

Could you make an 86 mm version (threads are internally measured 86,11 mm so I'm assuming it's an 86mm thread)?

Worth mentioning, this design requires the inside diameter of the lens housing to be threaded. I assume most lenses are like this but the TCON-17 teleconverter is not. The 77mm base fits but will not stay put due to lack of internal threads. FWIW though, I just chucked this straight into Prusa Slic3r, rotated them, used the default 0.15mm PLA settings and it printed perfectly first time on my MK2S i3.

my 52mm base snaps tightly onto my camera instead of screwing on. Is this a problem? Any way I can avoid this?

Awesome! a real lifesaver thanks

Love it! Can you please add a 49mm for the Sony NEX-6, etc.?

would love this in a 49mm for my fuji x100

Funciona perfectamente y es comodisimo

Just added 55, 72 and 67mm sizes!

Hi, thanks for the awesome work! I'm after the 72mm size, its not on the download list, am I missing something?


oops. meant to write 77mm before. I added a 72mm now, so 77mm and 72mm are available for download.

Awesome thanks. If not too much problem mind make one for 82mm? :P

Can you make a 55mm lens cap?

Can you make a 62 mm for a Pentax K-50? thanks! so cool.

Pretty nice, somewhat worried about the strength and if it really protects like a normal cap would. What setting do you print at?


please you can rescale to 67mm ? (Nikon 18-140mm f/3,5-5,6 G ED VR)

thank you

Just printed it, works great, well done, that's great !

What a clever idea!

Can you design a version with instead of a closed cap, you make an open 58mm thread?
So you can add a filter on one side that you can easy flip away! That would be awesome for dslr video makers

I agree! This would be great!

Also, you could put the default cap to it, so it's a bit more protective then just printed cap.
But ye, adding and easily removing a filter with this would be great!

Voting for 52mm! :D


Cam somebody make a 52mm version? Thanks.