Garmin Quarter Turn Mount Plate

by WheresWaldo Jan 28, 2015
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Hello, i made a remix of your design to be mounted on edge with broken tabs
i made 2 models, one with screws and one for glue
i'm not able to ad the remix, the support is here: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2889942

I've also make a video https://youtu.be/xz_8SPJxljo

Thanks !

Garmin broken mount - Repair - Fix

Is this for Garmin 510?

This works with all Garmin Edge devices

Ok! Thanks.

HI, do you know where I can get a STEP file of the other side? Ie, the part that this clips into?

I never modeled the Garmin OEM mount so I don't have one. Do a search here and ask someone who has to see if they will give you their source files.

I modified the STEP file to be able to fit over the back of my Edge 520 with broken tabs, and printed with protopasta HPLA on a Printrbot Simple Metal. Had to file a few spots to fit into my K-Edge mount, and the detents won't quite work until I enlarge them, but not unexpected given the material/printing. Glued it to the back of the Garmin with Loc-Tite "Epoxy Plastic Bonder" (which is actually a 2-part Acrylic) and it works great! About 200 miles of riding so far with no problems. Also fit well into the SRAM Garmin mounts once cleaned up with a file. Thanks!

I have problem (novice's first attempt) with the "cutouts" that make the "click" feeling/sound after a 90° and stop bike computer move sideways - they seem very shallow so you can spin it all away around without it clicking in.

The tabs seem to got a bit thin and sharp, not as solid as the original, but does it's job

Any tips? Thanks in advance!

Not enough information to provide specifics, the model is very specifically measured and matches the Garmin in all dimensions. If you print has play in it then here are some things to check:

Recalibrate your printer axis steps.
Account for plastic shrinkage, different filaments shrink at different ratios when cooled
Recalibrate your extrusion multiplier, likely you are under-extruding.

If simple things like these do not work then scale the model some fraction of a percent in your slicing software. I did include a solid model file so you could modify it yourself for your specific needs without messing with an STL mesh file.

Hi waldo
What does the reverse side of this design look like?
Does it key into the back of the Garmin device?

It is just a blank back, that is why the STEP file is also included. If you need to modify it for your own use.

Hi WheresWaldo!

Thanks for creating this design! I'm interested in using it in a Fenix3 (or other watch) holder to use in combination with a Garmin Front Mount.
In your experience, does this design make for a snug fit when connected? I noticed another user (kcchen_00) adapted your design and was wondering which one to use..

Thanks in advance for your time!

It should fit exactly like any Garmin Edge device. As far as I know the watches only differ in the fact that they are offset 90° from the bicycle computers.