P3Steel - 1/8" aluminum remix

by outcastrc Jan 29, 2015
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Any chance there's some instructions for assembly anywhere? Sadly the company that cut mine doesn't offer any and wouldn't have been in English anyway.
I've struggled my way through the frame and the X-Gantry left & Right carriers. But for the life of me can't see how the Hotend/Fans/Extruder/Stepper carrier goes together with those parts.
Even some photos of a finished & assembled unit might help.

How are you guys generating CAM for these files? I can import them into Fusion360 but I'm not sure the scaling is correct. Thanks

I never did create cam for these file. I gave the DXF directly to the shop and they cut it out with their laser. We've cut over 30 of these frames with no issues.

Is the carriage you refer to as not having the file, is that the part that the print bed sits on.
Or is it the part the printing head attaches to, sorry new to 3d.

The extra files are for where the printing head (extruder) attaches.

hello can i use your file for this printer http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:734426
thank you

Prusa i3 IPI rework

Should be no problem.Any 200mm (8") bed I3 should work as a good donor.

The only issue I've run into is you can't use this frame with the Prusa mk2 parts as it's not large enough to accept the 250mm heat bed.

Thanks for the links. the #691730 are undersized. I will scale up when slicing.

I have scoured thingiverse and there is not one z endstop mount (adjustable or non-adjustable) for this p3steel.
If anyone has a link, I would appreciate it.

If not I will design my own

I made some a while back, there's an adjustable Z in there


Theres also some on the p3steel wiki


P3Steel endstop brackets

hi! where can i find the printable parts for this i3

Search for p3steel on thingiverse and you'll find plenty of options to choose from.

thank you very much! i´m printing the ones I was missing

So you can't cut the carriage out of alumin in to make it lighter

The Dxf file doesn't contain the parts for the carriages!
This really screwed me up.
I had the Dxf file Laser cut from steel because that's alll the stock I have.
From the description, I guess I have to laser cut the carriages also.
Why not combine everything into 1 file? Sorry to vent but it is tough to squeeze my projects into the laser cut schedule at work.

Sorry you ran into troubles as I can understand that would be frustrating.

The carriage parts weren't modified at all so I just included a link to the original designer. It doesn't make sense to just take his files and post them here. I'll reword the description to be more clear that his files are also required if you want to do the carriage.

Thanks for responding. Exactly what additional files do I need so I can have the laser cut parts for the cariages?
There is no file on the page of the original designer. Can you post a link?