Marbelvator, Armed (but not dangerous!), Back On Tracks.

by gzumwalt Jan 29, 2015
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I am printing this but can u make some sort of a track switcher so I can use more of the tower and track

I'm not sure I understand the question...

If you print more towers and track sections, you should be able to expand the track almost as long as the original Marblevator.

Hope that helps, and if not, let me know.


I mean like a y section so one track goes left and one goes right with a arm to switch the direction
THXS again for another great design

last comment on the base: the top of the tower is incredibly thin. Looks like Slic3r marks it as a single wall with my .45mm nozzle. You might want to beef that up a bit. Really no reason to be extra thin there.

The good news is that it's nearly done and looks like I'll get a usable model out of it. The rest of the print looks relatively much more simple.

Am I missing the part that is printed white in your first picture that connects the track to 'track tower end'? Is it here somewhere? I'm trying to print things by color to minimize filament swaps.

You are correct!

The missing piece is called "Track, End.stl" which I just uploaded.

Sorry about that!

YAY i'm not crazy. Ok. For some reason, building the base plate is giving me tons of trouble. first 3 tries have huge warping on the corners, even with your mouse ears... very strange. I'm 90% in on another copy now and it's good enough (just a bit of warping on one corner). But the arc that the arm travels along is too much of a bridge at around 45 degrees. I will hack this build to work, but if I were to remix this to make it easier to print, I would work in some scaffolding for that arc.


I have most success printing at higher speeds and, after the first layer, lower temperatures. I use Sailfish firmware on my replicator 2 and start the print at 230c for the first layer, then turn the temperature down to 210c for the subsequent layers. After lowering the temperature, I speed the printer up by 1.5.

Good luck and let me know if you need any changes and I'll try to incorporate them!